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For Immediate Release:
September 27, 2019
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Aldo Gonzalez


Commissioner Souto clarifies misunderstanding regarding film legislation

MIAMI – Miami-Dade County Commissioner Javier Souto held a sunshine meeting with local filmmakers on Sept. 27 to clarify the misunderstanding and error in the September 13, 2019 District 10 Newsletter.

Commissioner Souto made a statement that he is not proposing any legislation that will bring the approval of Film Permits to the Board of County Commissioners. His request was to receive more information on items that come in front of the Commission regarding Film Grants. Commissioner Souto would like to know how the money is being used, who is making sure that the money is being used properly, and who is tracking those funds in order to better understand what is being approved. As stated in the meeting, Commissioner Souto is not talking about permits or screening content of the film. It is simply about accountability and to be fully informed on the item before the Commission regarding funding.