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For Immediate Release:
May 21, 2019
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Nikki Whiting


County Commission unanimously approves Commissioner Esteban L. Bovo, Jr.’s resolution supporting Title III & Title IV of the Helms-Burton Act

MIAMI – On May 21, 2019, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners unanimously supported Commissioner Bovo’s resolution supporting the United States President’s imposition of new restrictions and sanctions against Cuba and its tyrannical regime, and commending the decision to no longer suspend Title III and Title IV of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996, also known as the “Helms-Burton Act.” The reinstatement of these two provisions allows United States citizens to bring suit against entities who traffic in private property wrongfully confiscated by the Cuban regime and allows the U.S. Department of State to deny visas to people suspected of trafficking in those properties, respectively.

“For the first time since the enactment of the Helms-Burton Act in 1996, U.S. citizens can now sue any entity or person found trafficking on confiscated property,” Commissioner Bovo said. “After 60 years of repression, justice for Americans whose lands were confiscated by the Castro regime in 1959 has been finally and rightfully served. I thank my colleagues for not only their support, but for also standing with the Cuban-American community in Miami-Dade County.”