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For Immediate Release:
November 19, 2019
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Nikki Whiting


Commissioner Esteban L. Bovo Jr.’s statement on Formula One

MIAMI-DADE – On November 19, 2019, Commissioner Esteban L. Bovo, Jr. joined his colleagues in supporting the Mayor’s veto on legislation that would limit Formula One in Miami-Dade County.

“I want to continue the Formula One conversation, and the veto allows for the conversation to continue,” Commissioner Bovo said. “After today’s vote, it is evident that Miami-Dade County needs additional time to understand the impacts of the race. We need to keep negotiations on the table and, ultimately, residents must have the final say. Additionally, while I strongly support F1 in Miami-Dade County, I will continue to vote against tax subsidies given to the Dolphins organization for signature events. I look forward to more community involvement in the process.”