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April 04, 2023
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Senator René García honored retired veteran Lt. Col. Robert “Bob” Provart

Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Provart honored by Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners  Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Provart is joined by family during presenation
Left to Right: Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert “Bob” Provart is honored by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners on April 4, 2023, for his contributions and service to our country. Lt. Col. Provart’s family joined him during the presentation. (Photos by: Ryan Holloway/Miami-Dade County)


MIAMI-DADE – It was once said, "I have seen the face of terror, I have felt the stinging cold of fear. I have lived the times most would say are best forgotten. But at least I can say I am proud of what I was -- a Soldier," and Miami-Dade County is proud to honor those servicemen who have fought diligently to defend our rights and liberties.

Retired United States Air Force Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Provart was commissioned as an officer in March of 1960 in the Air Force and was the first in his family to join the Air Force and the first to be commissioned as an officer in any branch of the military.

Lt. Col. Provart spent his time in the Air Force as a B-52 Navigator/Bombardier in the Strategic Air Command, and he was on a combat crew for 10 years, which included three combat tours and 209 combat missions over Southeast Asia. In addition, he was the Wing Executive Officer for General Cody, the Wing Commander of Castle Air Force Base (AFB) in Atwater, CA, and was then given the role of Combat Crew Flight Scheduling Officer. He has briefed high-ranking members of the military, congress members, foreign leaders, and a U.S. President.

After Lt. Col. Provart's retirement from the U.S. Air Force, he worked with several companies in various roles until his full retirement, and he remains an active veteran. It is fitting and proper that official acknowledgment be given to Lt. Col. Provart for his vast and significant contributions to our nation's way of life by proclaiming Tuesday, April 4, 2023, as Lt. Col. Robert “Bob” Provart Day in Miami-Dade County.

“I’m proud to honor retired Vietnam veteran and U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Provart alongside Commissioner Kionne McGhee and the Board of County Commissioners for his service to our nation,” said Senator García. “His unwavering commitment to protecting our country and ensuring our freedom is nothing short of admirable. Thank you to him and his family for their service and sacrifice.”