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1st Primary, Non-Partisan,
And, Special Elections
Miami-Dade County, Florida
September 5, 2000
Precincts Processed Precincts Pending

United States Senator
State Senate District 39
State House District 113
State House District 117
Republican State Executive
Republican State Executive
United States Senator
Commissioner of Education
State House District 106
State House District 108
State House District 109
State House District 118
State House District 119
State House District 102
Universal Primary
State House District 103
Universal Primary
State House District 110
Universal Primary
State House District 114
Universal Primary
Circuit Judge: Group 8
11th Judicial Circuit
Circuit Judge: Group 24
11th Judicial Circuit
Circuit Judge: Group 25
11th Judicial Circuit
Circuit Judge: Group 56
11th Judicial Circuit
County Court Judge: Group 2
County Court Judge: Group 4
County Court Judge: Group 6
County Court Judge: Group 9
County Court Judge: Group 10
County Court Judge: Group 11
County Mayor
County Commission District 3
County Commission District 5
County Commission District 7
County Commission District 9
County Commission District 11
County Commission District 13
School Board: District 3
School Board: District 7
School Board: District 9
Fire Board: District 1
Fire Board: District 2
Fire Board: District 3
Fire Board: District 5
Community Council 2: SubArea 22
Community Council 3: SubArea 36
Community Council 5: SubArea 54
Community Council 5, At-Large
Community Council 9: SubArea 92
Vote for 3
Community Council 10: SubArea 104
Community Council 11: SubArea 114
Community Council 12: SubArea 124
Community Council 14: SubArea 142
Community Council 14: SubArea 144
Community Council 14: SubArea 146
Proposed New Municipality
Miami Lakes
Elect Mayor at Primary?
City of Hialeah
Change Ordinance Effective Date?
City of Hialeah
Bonds for Proud Neighborhood?
North Miami Beach