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General Election
Miami-Dade County, Florida
November 5, 2002
Precincts Processed Precincts Pending

United States Congress
District 17
United States Congress
District 18
United States Congress
District 25
State of Florida
Governor/Lieutenant Governor
State of Florida
Attorney General
State of Florida
Commissioner of Agriculture
Florida Senate
District 33
Florida Senate
District 34
Florida Senate
District 36
Florida Senate
District 39
Florida House
District 104
Florida House
District 107
Florida House
District 108
Florida House
District 109
Florida House
District 110
Florida House
District 112
Florida House
District 113
Florida House
District 114
Florida House
District 115
Florida House
District 116
Florida House
District 117
Florida House
District 118
Florida House
District 119
Florida House
District 120
Florida Supreme Court
Retain Justice Anstead?
Florida Supreme Court
Retain Justice Wells?
Florida District Court of Appeal
Retain Judge Cope, Jr.?
Florida District Court of Appeal
Retain Judge Gersten?
Florida District Court of Appeal
Retain Judge Green?
Florida District Court of Appeal
Retain Judge Levy?
Florida District Court of Appeal
Retain Judge Ramirez, Jr.?
Circuit Judge
11th Judicial Circuit, Group 46
Miami-Dade School Board
District 6
Key Biscayne Mayor
Key Biscayne Village Council
Vote for no more than 3
North Bay Village Mayor
North Bay Village
Harbor Island Commissioner
North Bay Village
North Bay Island Commissioner
North Bay Village
Treasure Island Commissioner
North Bay Village
At-Large Commissioner
South Miami
Commissioner - Group II
Palmetto Bay Vice-Mayor
Palmetto Bay
Council Member - Seat 3
Florida Constitution Amend 1
Authorize Death Penalty?
Florida Constitution Amend 2
Economic Impact Statement?
Florida Constitution Amend 3
Miami-Dade County Home Rule?
Florida Constitution Amend 4
Public Meeting Requirements?
Florida Constitution Amend 6
Second-Hand Smoke?
Florida Constitution Amend 7
Exempt Living Quarters?
Florida Constitution Amend 8
Florida Constitution Amend 9
Reduce Class Size?
Florida Constitution Amend 10
Stop Animal Cruelty?
Florida Constitution Amend 11
Trustees for Universities?
Miami-Dade County Question
Peoples Transportation Plan?
El Portal Question
Adopt Revised Charter?
Miami Question
Compensate Commissioners?
Miami Springs Question
Amend Term Limits if Mayor?
North Miami Question
Greater Develop Munisport?
Opa-Locka Charter Amend 1
Extend Term for Mayor?
Opa-Locka Charter Amend 2
Extend Term for Vice-Mayor?
Opa-Locka Charter Amend 3
Increase Qualifying Fee?
Opa-Locka Charter Amend 4
Amend Proof of Residency?
Homestead Charter Amend 1
Elect Council by Seats?
Homestead Charter Amend 2
Term Limits?
Homestead Charter Amend 3
Cand. Registration/Residency?
Homestead Charter Amend 4
Election of Vice-Mayor?
Homestead Charter Amend 5
Create New Charter?
Homestead Charter Amend 6
Planning/Zoning Board?
Homestead Charter Amend 7
Initiative, Referendum, Recall?
Homestead Charter Amend 8
Charter Review Committee?
Homestead Charter Amend 9
Fill Vacancies in Council?
Homestead Charter Amend 10
Vacancy in Office of Mayor?
Homestead Charter Amend 11
Prohibit Discrimination?
Homestead Charter Amend 12
Internal Auditor?
Homestead Charter Amend 13
Term Lengths for Council?