Do I have to wear a facial covering?

On April 6, 2021, Emergency Order 33-20,  the County's new overarching order for residents, visitors and commercial establishments, went into effect.  This order contains mandates that all businesses in Miami-Dade County are legally required to follow.   Here are some key items of Emergency Order 33-20:

  • Authorizes every retail and commercial establishment and any other establishment or facility in the County to open provided that such establishment complies with:
    • facial covering requirements
    • provides hand sanitizer or hand-washing facilities for customers and employees
    • uses reasonable efforts to ensure that customers and employees onsite maintain appropriate social distancing, as recommended by current CDC guidance
    • ensures that sick employees do not report to work
  • Restaurants and other food establishments:  Allows for a minimum occupancy of 50 percent and that these establishments shall be allowed to operate at up to 100 percent if the establishment ensures 6 feet of distance between tables and ensures that persons not actively eating or drinking are wearing facial coverings
  • Employers do not need to require a negative COVID test before employees return to work
  • All persons throughout Miami-Dade County shall wear a mask or other facial covering when in public, except as set forth in Section 5C of the order
  • No group of 10 or more individuals shall gather on a public street, alley, public way, sidewalk, public park, or in any body of water (excepting persons on private boats), and that where 10 or more individuals are separated by appropriate social distancing, no such group shall exist

Please review Emergency Order 33-20 - HTML | PDF – for additional information.

Businesses should review the COVID Safety Guidelines for new specific recommendations for business opening, including reviewing detailed protocols for a handful of specific business categories.

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