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District 4 Issues

Areas of Focus and Priority

Responsible Growth Management
Commissioner Sally Heyman has stated housing and adequate infrastructure to support a growing population is a critical issue in Miami-Dade and especially her district. Representing an area that has been characterized as “coastline, concrete and condominiums,” Commissioner Heyman supports responsible growth management and assuring adequate infrastructure (roads, schools, water supply, health care facilities) through proper “in-fill” development, has voted against Everglades encroachment, and has proposed responsible management of city development plans that would allow for County review (currently County only reviews unincorporated areas). Commissioner Heyman encourages dialogue with all levels of government and welcomes citizen input and involvement to better control development as we meet the needs of a growing population.

Improving Transportation
Growing up in Northeast Dade County, Commissioner Heyman has seen the significant increase in population and vehicles on our roads, but no mass transit services for this area of the County. As an elected official, Sally has always sought and supported transit $$$ and continues to prioritize a transit plan for Northeast Dade (from the Broward County line to Downtown Miami), actively supports the regional study and plan for a “Lite Rail” on our FEC railroad tracks that provides a legitimate alternative to commuting by car. Commissioner Heyman continues to work with Florida Department of Transportation, County and city Public Works to expedite all road projects and improvements; increasing Special Transportations Services (STS) for people with disabilities; Golden Passport free rides for seniors, and increased bus services where needed.

Affordable Housing for Working Families
Commissioner Heyman has been and remains an active and vocal champion for “affordable” housing for Miami-Dade residents. The Commissioner initiated a Workforce Housing workshop, is a council member of South Florida Regional Planning Council that established a policy for affordable/workforce housing, and actively supports County and State proposals for reducing housing prices through government incentives and subsidies. Commissioner Sally Heyman required all residential development plans in District 4 unincorporated area to include '"reduced costs" residences (pending a workforce housing ordinance) to assist in the housing needs of Miami-Dade. Four projects have so far been approved, through 2006.

Hurricane Preparedness
Being prepared for our annual Hurricane season remains a priority Commissioner Sally Heyman has acted on. Since 2004, Commissioner Heyman, working with all levels of government and hurricane and emergency services, initiated a Regional Hurricane Strategy plan for Northeast Miami-Dade. Storm preparation, community outreach, coordination of all services, mutual aid from all government agencies… are part of our strategy coordination through all storms and the Hurricane season. In 2005, Heyman commandeered supply trucks and created a deployment site at Haulover Beach. Working with Law Enforcement, much needed supplies were delivered to cities and working with Commissioner Barreiro established a supply site on Miami Beach. In 2006, working as a region, Commissioner Heyman has secured supplies and established strategic distribution sites for all parts of Northeast Dade and has been conducting community outreach on hurricane preparation. Heyman continues to work with FEMA, Red Cross, school administration, city officials and County emergency groups to maximize protection of life and property. A regional strategy plan will be reviewed each year to assure maximum readiness.