Imports and Exports

International trade plays an important role in the economy of Miami-Dade County. The trade and logistics industry remains a key sector which supports thousands of jobs and some of the highest paying wages in our community.

Trade and Investment Resource Guide

We are proud to publish the first edition (November 2020) of the Miami-Dade County International Trade Consortium's “Trade and Investment Resource Guide.” You will find within useful information on services available from business associations, non-profits, and government agencies. We will update this guide early next year with more organizations included.

Stay up to date on changes and connect with us on LinkedIn @miami-dade-county-international-trade-consortium.

PortMiami Trade Data

Miami International Airport Trade Data

Trade Data

Miami-Dade County's published reports track imports and exports by countries of origin and destination, as well as types of commodities.

Miami Customs District 52 - Import Export Trade Value

Miami Customs District #52 remains one of a very few districts that has continued to enjoy a trade. In 2018, exports equalled to $61.6 billion compared to $49.8 billion in imports with a surplus of $11.8 billion. 

Miami Customs District 52 Trade

Exports - 59,176,962,070; Imports - 48,528,927,754; Balance - 10,648,034,316

Exports - 61,642,537,489; Imports - 49,803,001,109; Balance - 11,839,536,380