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Employee Support Services

This benefit provides a confidential service to employees and their eligible dependent family members whose personal problems are affecting their ability to function on the job, at home, or in society. Professional counselors can help you sort out the problems and choose the appropriate and workable solutions for you and your family.

Employee Support Services (ESS) are designed to ensure confidentiality, following Federal and State regulations governing confidential information. When you enter ESS on a voluntary basis, information will only be released to those individuals you authorize.

Employees can refer themselves for a consultation for any of these problem areas.


  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Stress/Anxiety/Emotional
  • Alcoholism and Drug-Related Problems
  • Financial

Job security or promotional opportunities will not be affected or jeopardized by requests for assistance or involvement in ESS.

Call ESS to schedule an appointment. A consultation with ESS will take place 24 hours after your call. Emergency walk-ins are also accepted.

Your supervisor can make a mandatory referral in cases of identified substance abuse.

If family troubles are identified as adversely affecting an employee's performance, supervisors can recommend consultation with ESS.

The initial consultation with ESS is free. Our counselors may provide referrals to other services for health care, therapy or legal assistance. The cost of those services will depend upon your benefit plan which determines the co-payment amount.

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