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Athletics Activities & Organized Sports

  • Sports organizers should prohibit access to locker rooms whenever possible. Participants should arrive to the venue dressed for play. If locker rooms and showers are a necessity, sports organizers should require all entrants to wear a face covering at all times and the space should be configured with signage, tape and other markings to ensure participants can maintain 6 feet social distance at all times. 
  • Sports organizers should designate an area for spectators with existing seating (e.g., bleachers) or in space around the area of play. Organizers should ensure there is space available so that spectators can maintain at least 6 feet social distance between themselves and spectators that are not members of the same household or party.
  • Sports organizers or venues should configure space to ensure there is at least 30 feet between spectators and participants or, in case 30 feet is not practicable for the venue, spectators are seated on the opposite side of the playing space (e.g., field, court) from participants not actively engaged in play and at a distance of least 12 feet from participants. 
  • Sports organizers and venues that provide concessions should follow Food and Beverage guidelines.
  • If practical, sports organizers and venues should expand seating beyond current capacity (e.g., bleachers, stands) by utilizing any available field or court space to encourage social distancing between spectators:
    • Use portable seating from other activity areas.
    • Encourage spectators to bring their own seating (e.g., chairs) from home. 
  • Sports organizers should stream practices and games online, when possible, to promote virtual spectating.