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Entertainment & Meeting Venues

  • Establish staggered admission times to minimize overlap and congregating of patrons at checkpoints (e.g., access points, security checkpoints, admission areas, turnstiles, concession areas). Consider prescheduling individually assigned arrival times (e.g., seating furthest from entrances permitted to enter earlier).
  • For venues hosting multiple events, stagger event times to minimize patrons from different events arriving and congregating with one another.
  • Assign a number of ushers, monitors and/or security personnel necessary to facilitate orderly screening and entry into the venue, and to effectively monitor and maintain social distancing throughout the process.
  • Assigned seats should be delineated by marking, labeling or taping seating or tabletop areas, or identifying seat assignments. 
  • Delineate seating areas used by groups to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet at all times between members of different groups. 
  • Provide staggered seating to ensure proper social distancing and ensure patrons and/or groups are not seated directly next to, in front of or behind other patrons and/or groups. 
  • Keep aisle seats and space around aisles and pathways open as to ensure proper social distancing from people walking up and down aisles. 
  • Use app-based ordering to minimize patrons having to wait in line, linger and congregate in concession and merchandise areas.