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Festivals and Special Events

Site Control
  • Controlled ingress and egress are critical during initial reopening of community festivals and events. Ingress/egress points will vary greatly dependent upon unique footprints, but several standard considerations will apply to many events.
  • Strong considerations to gated entry are highly encouraged. Many community events are free and open to the public. However, this greatly limits an event’s ability to control crowd capacities and enforce any new safety guidelines.
  • Gated points of entry should consider all possible touch points, including, but not limited to: temporary barricades, tickets, wristbands, hand stamps, ID checks, bag searches, check-in tables, metal detectors, etc.
  • Consider ways to move all admission procedures to online, virtual or touchless procedures.
  • Consider how you record admission to control capacity.
  • Consider the speed at which attendees can be safely granted entry and how to maintain proper social distancing while waiting in lines.
  • Prioritize advanced, cashless admission sales.
  • Consider implementing a no-bag or clear-bag policy to eliminate bag checks.
  • Create one-way ingress/egress points.
  • Create “pedestrian flow” within event sites.
Food and Beverage
  • Space vendors throughout your site to eliminate food and beverage gathering points.
  • Eliminate food and beverage seating unless your footprint allows for proper table and seating spacing and you provide sanitation and cleaning attendants of tables and chairs.
  • Condiments should be served with food orders or only at attendees’ request, in disposable single-use packages. Open condiment service buffets should not be used.
  • Utensils should be disposable in nature and provided to attendees individually. Straws, stirrers, napkins and cutlery dispensers should not be used.
  • Follow ingress/egress protocols and have clearly designated entry and exit points.
  • Food and beverage samplings are discouraged at this time.