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Gyms, Studios & Fitness Centers

  • Encourage outdoor exercise, classes, sessions, etc. where possible, so long as appropriate physical distancing is maintained at all time and any equipment used is sanitized after each use.
  • Personal trainers should maintain 6 feet of distance from clients to the extent possible and should minimize any prolonged close contact.
  • Require customers to sign up for classes in advance. 
  • Limit employees to discrete work zones to minimize overlap where possible. 
  • Schedule 30-minute windows between classes to allow for thorough cleaning and appropriate ventilation of the fitness room, and to discourage congestion. 
  • Clearly designate staff responsible for sanitizing, cleaning and supervision during each shift. 
  • Close or mark lockers to enforce 6 feet social distancing, especially in locker rooms. Lockers should be sanitized after each use. Gyms should provide sanitizing wipes near the lockers or in the locker room. 
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet is required for all individuals in shower and locker room areas.
  • Consider setting aside specific hours of operation exclusively for vulnerable populations. 
  • Require that towels be stored in clearly labeled (clean vs. soiled) sanitary containers. Appropriate temperatures shall be used when washing and drying towels. Employees should wear proper protective equipment (gloves and face covering) while handling towels. Towels should not be shaken out.