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Golf Courses

Informed by recommendations from health experts, Miami-Dade County is moving to a new normal and has eased restrictions on select parks and trails for passive activities and limited recreation. Current CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines regarding the use of masks, six feet of social distancing between individuals and limit of groups to 10 people or fewer, must be followed.

All Miami-Dade County-operated golf courses are open except for Briar Bay Golf Course, which is under construction.

For the most up to date changes, see the latest Emergency Orders and Amendments.

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Limited Activities

Allowed Activities
  • Practice range
  • Handicap recording
  • Bring your own golf clubs
  • Wear face covering
  • Personal golf balls/equipment
  • Bathrooms
  • One player per golf cart
Not Allowed
  • Walk up tee times
  • Cash transactions
  • Two golfers per cart
  • Touching the flagstick
  • Leaving trash in cart
  • No social gatherings before or after round

On-Course Facility

  • Staff and players must wear facial coverings and practice social distancing following CDC/Health Department guidelines
  • Players are responsible for bringing their golf equipment to a designated area. No clubs or other equipment will be transported by golf course staff
  • Designated signage is placed outside the pro shop and clubhouse outlining the required social distancing guidelines with masks
  • Designated signage is placed on carts and around the clubhouse with the phone number to call for food orders and an explanation of how to pay
  • Indoor activities may be open, limited to 50 percent capacity of the facility, following the guidelines of the New Normal Handbook

Pro-Shop entrances, where possible, will be closed:
  • Payment is made at the front door following proper social distancing guidelines
  • Glass/plastic screen between pro shop staff and customers will be installed
  • Staff will wear facial coverings and gloves at all times
  • Where applicable, separate entry and exit doors will be designated
  • No locker room usage and no bag storage usage
  • For all pro shop lines, markers will be placed on the floor at 6-foot intervals to comply with social distancing guidelines. Staff may limit the number of persons using pro shops to ensure social distancing is maintained. Hand sanitizer will be provided in bathrooms and payment areas
  • Encourage only one person in each bathroom at any time (signage placed)
  • Each cart and any rental equipment will be cleaned and disinfected prior to players use
  • All sand containers, scorecards, pencils, tees, towels, coolers or other shared materials will be removed from golf carts
  • Disinfect all bathrooms and touch-point areas every two hours
  • Driving range hitting areas will be spaced at least 10 feet apart
  • Scorecards, pencils and tees are issued to individuals when requested, but then discarded after their initial use

Golf Course Preparation

  • All water stations have been removed
  • All ball wash units have been removed or locked down
  • All practice facility bag stands, chairs and PVC pipes for picking up balls have been removed 
  • All range balls will be cleaned, with water and soap, after every pick-up prior to making them available for golfers
  • Where possible, 60-and-older clientele will be separated from younger clientele 
Cup Modifications:
  • A noodle will be used to fill the hole, or the cup will be raised an inch above ground to prevent the ball from going in the hole
  • EZ lift touchless golf ball retrieval system or similar touchless system may be used 
Rakes in all bunkers will be removed:
  • USGA suggestions are followed to use different approaches on how to treat bunker play depending on the course and its resources
  • USGA suggests golfers play preferred lie and players to "rake" with their feet

Playing Golf

  • Players will be informed not to touch or remove flagstick from the cups at all times (any putts that hit the cup or noodle will be considered holed)
  • All players must stay at least 6 feet apart at all times, and a course ranger or other staff member will monitor player compliance on the course
  • One player per cart, no exceptions
  • Walking is allowed while maintaining social distancing requirements
  • All golfers are required to leave the golf course immediately after playing to eliminate congestion and gathering on the property or in the parking lot

Food & Beverage

  • Beverage cart staff will wear facial coverings and gloves at all times
  • Signage will be placed on beverage carts stating that no player will be allowed to touch anything on the beverage cart
  • Only cart attendant will distribute items from the cart
  • Beverage cart attendant will place purchased items on opposite side of the players golf cart, to comply with social distancing requirements
  • For players who are walking, the beverage cart attendant will place the purchased items on the ground and the players will pick it up, to comply with social distancing requirements.
  • Players are encouraged to pay with credit card and cart attendant will wipe down the credit card machine after each use.


  • Staff will be trained on proper hygiene, sanitation and food handling. Covid-19 prevention and control procedures will be emphasized during training
  • Facial coverings and gloves will be worn by all staff at all times
  • Staff will be trained that there are no handshakes and will remind golfers of this necessity

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