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Communication Toolkits

These materials are designed to inform Miami-Dade County residents and organizations about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mayor's Message

We Can Adapt. We Will Thrive.

Dear fellow residents, 

I know this year hasn't been easy for our community. We have been hard hit by the pandemic and economic crisis, and we are still struggling to rebound and help our economy move forward.

But we've come so far, and we can't give up now. As we head into the holidays, coronavirus cases are rising across Miami-Dade and what we all do now will make a difference.

That's why we are coming together – with people from all across our community, business owners, city mayors, health experts and more – to say that together, We Can Adapt and We Will Thrive to overcome this challenge.

Our new "We Can, We Will" campaign will share positive messages about how we can protect each other during this crisis, and to share stories of residents and business going above and beyond to protect each other.

I invite you to join in our campaign by sharing your own messages with the community with the hashtags #WeCanWeWill and #PodemosLoHaremos. Below are graphics you can share on social media in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

Bringing cases down is the only way to protect our community and our economy. By standing and working together, I know we'll get through this. Please stay safe.

- Mayor Daniella

Get Involved

  • Use our toolkit below with graphics in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole to spread the word that #WeCanWeWill.
  • Create and upload your own video on social media sharing what you can and will do to protect our community, or to recognize businesses or others going above and beyond.
  • We are blessed to live in a county with year-round beautiful weather – and staying outside is one of the best ways to stay safe during the holidays. Find a list of Miami-Dade parks.
  • Access a virtual camp through Miami-Dade Parks.

Social Media Posts

It’s up to all of us to protect our families, our neighbors, our businesses and our community this holiday season. Together, we can adapt so that Miami-Dade continues to thrive. #WeCanWeWill

Depende de nosotros proteger a nuestra familias, vecinos, negocios y nuestra comunidad durante las fiestas. Juntos podemos adaptarnos y saldremos de esto. #PodemosLoHaremos

Pwoteksyon fanmi nou, vwazen nou, biznis nou, ak kominote nou pandan sezon fèt sa a depann de nou tout. Ansanm, nou ka adapte nou pou Miami-Dade kontinye pike devan. #NouKapabNapRive

Wear a mask
Wearing a mask is the single most effective tool we have to protect each other and slow the spread of #COVID19. It’s not just for you – it’s for the people around you, for vulnerable older adults and for our healthcare workers on the frontlines. 😷 #WeCanWeWill

Usar una mascara es la forma más facil de protegernos unos a otros y evitar propagar el #COVID19. Hazlo no solo por ti, sino por los que te rodean, nuestras personas mayores vulnerables y los trabajadores de salud. 😷 #PodemosLoHaremos

Mete yon mask se sèl zouti ki pi efikas nou genyen pou nou pwoteje youn lòt epi ralanti pwopagasyon #COVID19 la. Se pa sèlman pou ou - se pou moun ki ozalantou w, pou granmoun aje ki vilnerab, ak pou travayè sante nou yo ki devan nan konba a. 😷 #NouKapabNapRive

Wash our hands
Washing our hands with soap for just 20 seconds a few times a day greatly reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting #coronavirus. 🧼🤲🏽 #WeCanWeWill

Lavarnos las manos con jabón por 20 segundos varias veces al día reduce el riesgo de contraer o transmitir el #coronavirus. 🧼🤲🏽 #PodemosLoHaremos

Lave men nou avèk savon pou sèlman 20 segonn plizyè fwa nan yon jounen diminye anpil risk pou moun pran oswa transmèt #coronavirus. 🧼🤲🏽 #NouKapabNapRive

Social distance
Whether you’re waiting for the bus, standing in line at the bank or out enjoying Miami-Dade County’s beautiful weather, always remember to stand at least six feet apart from people outside your household. #WeCanWeWill

Ya sea esperando por el autobús, o en la fila del banco, o disfrutando del hermoso clima del condado de Miami-Dade, recuerde siempre mantener 6 pies de distancia de las personas. #PodemosLoHaremos

Swa ou ap tann otobis, kanpe nan ling andedan labank, swa ou ap jwi bèl klima Konte Miami-Dade la, toujou sonje kanpe omwen sis pye distans moun ki pap viv nan menm kay avèk ou. #NouKapabNapRive

Get tested
If you have reason to believe that you’ve been exposed to the #COVID19, it is up to you to be a good neighbor and get tested – even if you don’t have any symptoms! Testing in Miami-Dade is free and widely available. #WeCanWeWill

Si tiene motivos para creer que ha estado expuesto al #COVID19, sea un buen vecino y hágase la prueba, incluso si no tiene síntomas. Las pruebas en Miami-Dade son gratuitas y están disponibles. #PodemosLoHaremos

Si ou gen rezon ki fè w kwè ke ou te ekspoze a #COVID19, se chwa pa w pou pou ou yon bon vwazen epi pou w ale fè tès - menm si ou pa gen okenn sentòm. Tès nan Miami-Dade gratis epi yo disponib. #NouKapabNapRive

Avoid crowded indoor gatherings
Miami-Dade enjoys the world’s most beautiful weather this time of year, and gathering with loved ones outside is an easy way to help protect yourself and others. #WeCanWeWill

Miami-Dade tiene el clima más hermoso del mundo en esta época del año, y reunirse con sus seres queridos afuera es una manera fácil de protegerse a sí mismo y a los demás. #PodemosLoHaremos

Miami-Dade genyen pi bèl klima nan mond lan nan moman sa a nan ane a. Rasanble deyò avèk moun ou renmen yo se yon fason fasil pou ede pwoteje tèt ou ak lòt moun. #NouKapabNapRive

Protect businesses
#WeCanWeWill act responsibly while visiting local businesses to protect our community. Doing our best to keep each other safe is the only way to keep our economy moving forward.

#PodemosLoHaremos: Actuar de manera responsable al visitar negocios locales para proteger nuestra comunidad. Hacer nuestro mejor esfuerzo para protegernos unos a otros es la única manera de mantener nuestra economía avanzando de manera segura.

#NouKapabNapRive aji avèk responsablite pandan nou ap vizite biznis lokal yo pou pwoteje kominote nou an. Fè tout sa nou kapab pou kenbe youn lòt an sekirite se sèl fason pou fè ekonomi nou an kontinye avanse.


COVID-19 Prevention Toolkit


"We Can, We Will" is a community collaboration with leaders from business, government, healthcare and more. To join the campaign as an official partner, please send an email to [email protected]

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