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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Get the latest COVID-19 safety guidelines and stay up to date with the positivity rate, vaccines given and more.

Mayor's Message

Dear Miami-Dade County family,

It’s been nearly two years since the start of this once-in-a-century pandemic, and each step of the way we have made enormous strides in our fight to protect ourselves and our recovering economy against COVID-19. I’m extremely proud of everyone across our community who has stepped up and done their part. Together, we have reached the highest vaccination rate in our state, well over the national average.

The truth is this: The global pandemic is not over, and the omicron variant has brought a recent surge in cases to our community. As cases continue to rise nationwide, it’s as critical as ever that we all follow the key steps that we know slow the spread to protect ourselves and loved ones:
  • Get vaccinated, and if you got your second dose six months or more ago, get your booster shot.
  • Get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed.
  • Wear your mask around large crowds or those you don’t know to be vaccinated, and of course mask up when traveling through our airport or on transit as required by federal law.

COVID-19 Dashboard Report

Stay up to date with the positivity rate, vaccines given and more.
COVID-19 Dashboard Report