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Economic Development


To expand and further diversify Miami-Dade County's economy and employment opportunities, by promoting, coordinating, and implementing economic revitalization activities that reduce socio-economic disparity and improve the quality of life of all residents.

Goals & Objectives

An environment that promotes a growing, resilient and diversified economy

  • Promote and support a diverse mix of industries vital to a growing economy
  • Create and maintain an environment friendly to businesses, large and small
  • Expand job training opportunities aligned with the needs of the local economy
  • Continue to leverage Miami-Dade County’s strengths in tourism and international commerce
  • Provide world-class airport and seaport facilities

Entrepreneurial development opportunities within Miami-Dade County

  • Encourage creation of new small businesses
  • Expand opportunities for small business to compete for Miami-Dade County contracts

Revitalized communities

  • Foster stable homeownership throughout Miami-Dade County
  • Promote development in distressed communities to ensure long-term vitality

By Volume

By Strategic Area