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General Government


To provide good government and support excellent public service delivery.


Commission on Ethics and Public Trust

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Goals & Objectives

General Government Goals and Objectives:

GG1: Accessible, equitable, transparent, and responsible government

  • GG1-1: Support a customer-focused organization by providing convenient access to information and services, and by ensuring processes are easy to navigate ✪
  • GG1-2: Facilitate community outreach and engagement to promote better decision-making in County government ✪
  • GG1-3: Ensure involvement of local organizations to help address priority needs of our residents ✪
  • GG1-4: Promote equity in the planning and delivery of County services ✪
  • GG1-5: Ensure fair, accurate, transparent and accessible elections for all voters

GG2: Excellent, engaged and resilient County workforce   

  • GG2-1: Attract and hire new talent to support operations
  • GG2-2: Promote employee development and leadership
  • GG2-3: Ensure an inclusive and diverse workforce

GG3: Optimal internal Miami-Dade County operations and service delivery

  • GG3-1: Deploy effective and reliable technology solutions that support Miami-Dade County services
  • GG3-2: Ensure security of systems and data
  • GG3-3: Ensure procurement of goods and services is timely, meets operational needs, and is conducted in a fair and transparent manner
  • GG3-4: Effectively utilize and maintain facilities and assets

GG4: Effective leadership and management practices

  • GG4-1: Provide sound financial and risk management
  • GG4-2: Effectively prioritize, allocate and use resources to meet the current and future operating and capital needs for all our residents ✪
  • GG4-3: Reduce County government's greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption ✪
  • GG4-4: Lead community sustainability efforts and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies ✪

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