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Health & Society


To improve the quality of life and promote the independence of vulnerable residents by providing effective social services and affordable housing.

Goals & Objectives

Health and Society Goals and Objectives:

HS1: Basic needs of vulnerable Miami-Dade County residents are met     

  • HS1-1: Reduce homelessness throughout Miami-Dade County
  • HS1-2: Assist residents at risk of being hungry
  • HS1-3:  Promote the independence and wellbeing of the elderly
  • HS1-4: Improve access to substance abuse prevention, intervention and support services
  • HS1-5: Provide services to survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking, as well as to other victims of crime and their families

HS2: Self-sufficient and healthy population  

  • HS2-1: Provide the necessary support services for vulnerable residents and special populations
  • HS2-2: Support families and promote positive educational and developmental outcomes in children
  • HS2-3: Create, preserve and maintain affordable housing to support vulnerable residents and workforce needs ✪
  • HS2-4: Foster healthy living and ensure access to vital health services

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