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Neighborhood & Infrastructure


To protect and preserve our natural resources, and provide efficient and accessible neighborhood and related environmental infrastructure services that enhance quality of life for all residents.

Goals & Objectives

Neighborhood and Infrastructure Goals and Objectives:

NI1: Safe, healthy and attractive neighborhoods and communities

  • NI1-1: Promote livable and beautiful neighborhoods
  • NI1-2: Ensure buildings are sustainable, safe, and resilient ✪
  • NI1-3: Promote the efficient and best use of land ✪
  • NI1-4: Protect the community from public nuisances and events that threaten public health
  • NI1-5: Ensure animal health and welfare

NI2: Continuity of clean water and community sanitation services           

  • NI2-1: Provide sustainable drinking water supply and wastewater disposal services ✪
  • NI2-2: Mitigate community flood risk
  • NI2-3: Provide sustainable solid waste collection and disposal capacity

NI3: Protected and restored environmental resources        

  • NI3-1: Maintain air quality
  • NI3-2: Protect and maintain surface and drinking water sources ✪
  • NI3-3: Protect, maintain, and restore beaches, the coastline, Biscayne Bay, and other bodies of water ✪
  • NI3-4: Preserve and enhance natural areas and green spaces ✪

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