Public Safety


To provide a safe and secure community through efficient and effective public safety services using a holistic approach that affirms the worth and dignity of all residents.

Goals & Objectives

Public Safety Goals and Objectives:PS1: Safe community for all

  • PS1-1: Reduce gun violence and other crimes by advancing equitable public and neighborhood safety measures ✪
  • PS 1-2: Solve crimes quickly, accurately, and in an unbiased manner
  • PS1-3: Support successful community reintegration for individuals exiting the criminal justice system ✪
  • PS1-4: Provide safe and secure detention

PS2: Prevention of avoidable death, injury and property loss

  • PS2-1: Minimize response time
  • PS2-2: Improve effectiveness of public safety response, outreach and prevention services

PS3: Effective emergency and disaster management

  • PS3-1: Increase countywide preparedness and community awareness
  • PS3-2: Ensure recovery after community and countywide disasters and other emergencies
  • PS3-3: Protect key infrastructure and enhance security in large gathering places

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