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Transportation & Mobility


To provide a safe and resilient transportation system that enhances mobility, connects communities, and supports a prosperous County, while minimizing carbon emissions.

Goals & Objectives

Transportation and Mobility Goals and Objectives:

TM1: Transportation system that facilitates mobility         

  • TM1-1: Promote efficient traffic flow on Miami-Dade County roadways
  • TM1-2: Expand and improve bikeway, greenway, blueway, and sidewalk system
  • TM1-3:  Provide reliable, accessible, and affordable transit service ✪
  • TM1-4: Expand and modernize public transportation systems and options while minimizing carbon emissions ✪
  • TM1-5:  Facilitate connectivity at major points of interest and throughout the transportation system

TM2: Safe transportation system     

  • TM2-1: Promote traffic and roadway safety
  • TM2-2: Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • TM2-3: Ensure the safe operation of public transit

TM3: Well-maintained, modern transportation infrastructure and assets 

  • TM 3-1: Harden and maintain roadway infrastructure ✪
  • TM 3-2: Provide resilient, well maintained, modern, and comfortable transportation vehicles, facilities, and structures ✪
  • TM 3-3: Promote clean, attractive roads and rights-of-way

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