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Special Investigations Division

9105 NW 25th St.
Doral, FL 33172
Phone: 305-471-2687
Fax: 305-471-1922
Email: [email protected]

The Special Investigations Division (SID) is one of two major organizational investigative Divisions that comprise the Investigative Services element of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Entities under direct supervision of the Special Investigations Division:

These entities are responsible for conducting Sheriffs services such as court and building security, the service of process, injunctions, writs, warrants, and extraditions.

SID conducts criminal investigations of:

  • Major organized high-impact economic crimes.
  • Illicit narcotics importation, sale and distribution.
  • Drug-related kidnappings.
  • Monitoring of career criminal and extremist/subversive activities.

Other investigations include; arson, vice crimes, cargo theft and murder-for-hire in Miami-Dade County. Another function of SID is combating domestic terrorism, cyber-crimes and gathering and disseminating related intelligence as well as criminal intelligence through our nationally recognized fusion center known as the Southeast Florida Fusion Center.

Another two functions are as follows: the SID provides technology infrastructure support for the MDPD delivery of essential services and the Real-Time Crime (RTCC) Center offers the unique service of an aggregated search with immediate analysis of available data. The RTCC is responsible for the coordination and distribution of real-time information to police officers and investigators.