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Rescue Partnerships

Rescue partners are an important part of Miami-Dade County Animal Service Department's efforts and commitment to save the lives of the animals in our care and establish Miami-Dade County as a No-Kill Community.

Review the Eligibility & Requirements section below to become a registered rescue partner. Once registered, you may apply for the Support of Urgent Needs (SUN) Program.

Support of Urgent Needs (SUN) Program

Stipends are available for pet rescue organizations through the SUN program to assist in the care and re-homing of at-risk pets. The SUN program helps address the financial challenges that can limit the number of animals a rescue can take in. Participants in the program may receive one of five funding categories to assist with the costs of caring for and the networking of at-risk pets. The categories depend on the pet’s at-risk status. Rescue organizations will receive the funding after the rescued dog or cat is placed in a permanent home.

To request SUN funding:

  1. Register as a rescue partner.
  2. Register as a Miami-Dade County Vendor. Registering as a vendor makes it possible to issue payments (awards) to approved rescue organizations and is a pre-requisite to inclusion in the “Perpetual Pool.”
  3. Complete the application for inclusion in the Perpetual Pool. The Overview of Perpetual Pool provides all project specific information (i.e., scope of services, funding categories, compliance and qualification submission requirements).
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