Miami-Dade Police Departmental Services Division


List of Videos Produced for Miami-Dade Police Department's Departmental Services Division

  • Aviation Unit Operation Orion - Airport District
  • Airport Rage police training for the FTAA and MDPD
  • SRT Hostage Negotiation on Airport tarmac
  • Police Operations Bureau - Port of Miami Radiation Portal Monitor Exercise
  • Police Operations Bureau Miami-Dade Transit Metrorail/Metro mover - emergency evacuation police training for Special Events Unit
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference
  • Major Cities Chiefs Conference
  • Florida Police Chiefs Association
  • FTAA - informational and police training (field force)
  • Presidential Debates
  • CALEA informational training video for certification
  • National Black Police Association
  • Document Police response to Hip Hop Source Awards Weekend
  • Elections
  • Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Wilma
  • Elian Gonzales
  • Super Bowl
  • Document re-enactment for Kirk Billie 1st degree murder trial
  • Western Summit of the Americas - police training and informational videos



Video Services Resources
Project List by MDPD Division

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