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ALERT: Non-essential retail and commercial establishments are still closed in Miami-Dade County

MIAMI ( May 03, 2020 )

Throughout the weekend, some residents and business owners have expressed confusion over what is open in Miami-Dade County and what remains closed.

In an effort to provide clarity for the community, we want to remind everyone that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Executive Order Number 20-112 delineating Phase 1 of the Plan for Florida’s Recovery does not apply to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

Therefore, Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 07-20, which on March 19, 2020, ordered the closure of all non-essential retail and commercial establishments still stands

The only reopening in Miami-Dade County has been through Emergency Order 21-20, which ordered the reopening, with restrictions, of parks, golf courses, marinas and boat ramps.

All businesses not listed as essential retail and commercial businesses in Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 07-20 and its amendments must remain closed at this time.

We have received information from around the community that some businesses are asking employees to return to work this week and some are even emailing clients with news that they are reopening this week. Reopening of non-essential businesses is not allowed at this time, and the Miami-Dade Police Department will continue to enforce the closures as indicated in the emergency order pertaining to businesses, as well as any other emergency orders which have called for the closure of beaches, community pools, etc., that are also still in effect.

The “New Normal Initiative” is underway, but we must continue to be prudent in the steps we take. We urge residents and business owners to continue to follow the rules set in place by the emergency orders, as we continue to work toward reopening in the safest way possible for everyone in Miami-Dade County and across South Florida.