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FilMiami launches its new free online Magic City Music Tour map

MIAMI ( August 31, 2020 )

The Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources’ Office of Film & Entertainment (FilMiami) has launched its new Magic City Music Tour map. This free online map was created for music enthusiasts, artists and tourists interested in learning about Miami-Dade County’s music history, featuring music video locations, famous venues, festival information and more.

FilMiami’s Magic City Music Tour guides users through the county’s unique and colorful music scene, both past and present. The Magic City Music Tour features live performances, live music venues, music recording studios, music schools, music festivals and locations where music videos were filmed. Each stop along the tour has information about the artist and venue, as well as multimedia videos and audio files. The Magic City Music Tour can be accessed on smart phones, tablets or desktop computers and is compatible with most internet browsers.

FilMiami has created this fun and exciting tool to promote Miami’s local and international musical talent and the local venues that host them. The Magic City Music Tour will create awareness of the history of music in the county, as well as an appreciation for the artists that performed here over the years. The Magic City Music Tour also highlights the importance of the local music and entertainment industry and will hopefully attract more music-related events to Miami-Dade County.

For more information or questions, contact Office of Film & Entertainment at 305-375-3288.