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Fertilizer "Rainy Season" begins tomorrow, restricting the use of fertilizers through October 31, to protect the health of Biscayne Bay

MIAMI ( May 14, 2021 )

Tomorrow, May 15, marks the beginning of the rainy season in Miami-Dade County, as defined by the Fertilizer Ordinance that was passed by the Board of County Commissioners on April 20. During this season, residents, landscape companies, condominium associations, among others, are prohibited from using fertilizer. The ordinance comes as one of the key recommendations from the 2020 Biscayne Bay Task Force Report to improve the health of Biscayne Bay. Fertilizer runoff was shown as one of the top contributors to last year’s fish kill in Biscayne Bay, along with rising temperatures and lack of oxygen. The rainy season is in effect through October 31.  

“I am proud to have fought for measures to protect the health of Biscayne Bay as a County Commissioner and now as Miami-Dade Mayor – including this new fertilizer policy, which is critical to preventing nutrient run-off and improving water quality,” said Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. “Our environment is our economy, and action that we take over the next five years will be critical for the future of tourism in Miami-Dade and our long-term prosperity.” 

“Nearly a year ago, we woke up to a devastating fish kill in Biscayne Bay,” said Commissioner Eileen Higgins. “The ban on fertilizer during Miami’s rainy season will keep our waterways from being oversaturated with nutrients. This is one of the easiest ways we can all do our part to improve the health of The Bay.”

During this year’s rainy season, residents can expect an educational campaign through social media and community events sponsored by Miami-Dade County to promote the importance of the fertilizer ordinance and to learn how to comply with the regulations.  

Learn more about the new Florida-friendly fertilizer ordinance.