Zoning Meetings and Minutes

Zoning (quasi-Judicial) matters are heard by Community Councils ("Community Zoning Appeals Boards"), except certain types of zoning applications.

The decisions of the Community Councils may be appealed before the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") or the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Appeal, depending on the type of application.

The exception is that zoning applications involving district boundary changes, self-storage facilities, modifications to Class I and Class IV permits, and other specified zoning matters are heard by the Board, pursuant to the Code of Miami-Dade County, Chapter 33-313 and Chapter 33-314

The other exception is that appeals of Community Councils' decisions on applications submitted by the State of Florida, a municipality or any other governmental entity are heard by the Board.

Zoning Appeals to the Board must be filed with the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department (RER)) within 14 days after the Community Council renders and publishes its decision.

Zoning and Comprehensive Development Master Plan meetings are scheduled on the first and third Thursday of the month. Although the Board may hear and act on zoning matters at a regular meeting.

Minutes and audio recordings of zoning matters heard by the Board are maintained on file in the Clerk of the Board Division. Need assistance searching information online or information unavailable online? Call 305-375-5126 or email clerkbcc@miamidade.gov

Interested in filing an appeal to the Circuit Court or learning about a pending appeal before the court? Call 305-349-7409.