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Miami-Dade County introduces new Housing Affordability Tracker created in partnership with the University of Miami

This tool highlights the development of affordable and workforce housing in Miami-Dade

MIAMI ( October 21, 2020 )

Back in October 2019, Miami-Dade County and Commissioner Dennis C. Moss worked with the County's Department of Public Housing and Community Development (PHCD) to host “Closing In On 10,000 – A Housing Summit” to  increase understanding and build additional support for the creation of 10,000 new affordable and workforce housing units within a year. In fact, the Summit identified more than 14,000 housing units in various stages of development.

“The numbers highlighted that the County has been working hard to incentivize the building of affordable and workforce housing in recognition of the crisis we face,” said Commissioner Moss. “More needs to be done, but the Summit gave us hope and showed that we have a good foundation.”

The County approached the University of Miami Office of Civic and Community Engagement to develop its new Housing Affordability Tracker to follow those 14,000 housing projects during the development process.

According to PHCD Director Michael Liu, “Getting UM involved through the Office of Civic and Community Engagement was a natural fit since we have collaborated with the Office on many initiatives, and I know the quality of the Office’s work. That quality means people will be able to trust what they find through the Housing Affordability Tracker.”

The Housing Affordability Tracker is intended to hold stakeholders accountable to the goals of the Summit, and it will be updated on a regular basis.

Dr. Robin Bachin, Associate Professor and Assistant Provost for Civic and Community Engagement, said, “We are happy to work with PHCD to use our data tools to provide clear, transparent information about the County’s progress of affordable housing development. Providing easy-to-access data ensures that the public can be updated on the County’s commitment to its affordable housing goals.”

The Housing Affordability Tracker helps people find affordable and workforce housing units soon to be available in Miami-Dade. Learn more about PHCD's full range of programs at