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Housing Affordability Tracker

As a part of Mayor Daniella Levine Cava's 2022 Building Blocks Housing Summit, the Department of Public Housing and Community Development partnered with the University of Miami's Office of Civic and Community Engagement to create the Housing Affordability Tracker. The tool is intended to monitor progress toward Mayor Cava’s ambitious goal of making meaningful strides in adding new and rehabilitated affordable/workforce housing units in Miami-Dade County as part of her Building Blocks for Housing Affordability Program. 

The Housing Affordability Tracker includes the best available information about projects that were proposed after November 2020 and are in the development pipeline. The tracker information will be refreshed on a quarterly basis. All information on development status, number of units, and funding sources is accurate to the best of available data and information. UM CCE is not responsible for any changes to project timing, development status, affordability provisions, unit counts, or project cancellations. Any additional affordable/workforce housing developments in the pipeline that may not have been captured in the tracker can be sent to [email protected] for further review and consideration for future inclusion.

Get Started

Use the filters along the top of the dashboard to identify and track proposed affordable and workforce housing projects in Miami-Dade County, proposed after November 2020 by status (pre-development, planning, under construction, completed and RFP), by type (new, renovation and new and renovation), and by location (zip code, commission district and municipality). 

Note: The Housing Affordability Tracker is best viewed on larger screens, such as those on a desktop computer.

*Projects for which the breakdown of workforce and affordable units has not yet been delineated have been included in the "total units" count on the dashboard. 


  • Planning Stage: Planning for the development is underway by the County and/or developer. Site control has been secured
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): A formal written solicitation issued by the County for the purpose of seeking response(s) from prospective developers. A development is in this stage if the RFP is in draft form, has been issued to developers, or is in negotiations or approval process
  • Pre-Development: Pre-Construction activities are underway, which may include environmental assessment, project design, and identification of financing for the development
  • Under Construction: Construction activities are underway
  • Construction Completed:  Construction activities completed


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