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Training & Development

County employees can build professional skills, upgrade computer skills, broaden your opportunities and expand education.

All employees can take the County's online classes for free.

Review key ethics concepts such as Conflict of Interest, the Code of Ethics Ordinance and Florida’s Public Records Law.

Grow your skill set with classes offered to all Miami-Dade County employees.

A program designed for employees in non-management positions who provide direct and indirect government services to our residents and visitors.

Miami-Dade County employees are scheduled for New Employee Orientation Training during their new hire processing appointment.

If you are a supervisor or upper level management, you can become certified after attending the Professional Development Clinic.

Safety Awareness Training Classes seek to create a safe, healthy work environment throughout all work sites.

These online courses focus on security awareness and protection of our customer data.

A two-day certificate program offering supervisory and professional level employees tools and strategies to meet the unique challenges in the workplace.

County employees can grow and develop their skill set through employee development training.

About Us

We work with departments to identify and assist with workforce issues including a renewed emphasis on performance management and standardized discipline policies, employee development and knowledge transfer, ongoing evaluation of workplace rules, and implementation of workforce metrics to measure and analyze overtime utilization, absenteeism, appeals, payroll issues, and employee development needs.

We coordinate negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and develop viable and sustainable healthcare options. Employee programs include training, wellness and diversity.

We provide residents and employees with a means to have discrimination cases heard and resolved through investigation, mediation, and appeals.