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Miscellaneous Construction Contracts (MCC)
The MCC Program is administered by the Small Business Development a Division of The Internal Services Department (SBD/ISD).The MCC Program consists of the following two plans:
    MCC 7040 Plan
  All projects are 100% set-aside solely for the Small Business Enterprise-Construction (SBE-CONSTRUCTION) contractors certified by SBD.
    MCC 7360 Plan
    All projects are open-competitive and are open to all contractors interested in bidding.
Pre-Qualification Certification
Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Administrative Order 3-39, Pre-Qualification Certification (PQC) is Miami-Dade County’s certification process that includes technical certification for architectural, engineering, landscape architecture, and/or land surveying and mapping professional services, affirmative action plan and vendor registration. All firms providing the above noted professional services are required to hold an active PQC at the time of proposal submission and, if selected, throughout the contract term without any lapses.

For more information on how to obtain PREQUALIFICATION CERTIFICATION with Miami-Dade County please contact the Architectural and Engineering Services for the Strategic Procurement Division at [email protected] or 305-375-5637.

To view business opportunities that are available with Miami-Dade County and or register as a bidder to receive notification of events, please visit the Supplier Portal https://supplier.miamidade.gov/

General Business Information

Business Name, Physical Addresses, Contact Information and profile information.


Identifies the goods and/or services the company can supply to Miami-Dade County.


Note : Before you register, Go to the Is My Company Registered to search if your company is already registered with Miami-Dade County.