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Entertainment facilities must submit plans to Miami-Dade County for approval before re-opening

Due to their unique nature, these venues must create specific plans for how they will follow New Normal Guidelines

MIAMI ( June 08, 2020 )

As Miami-Dade County continues to re-open businesses following the New Normal Guidelines, entertainment venues must submit their plans to the County for approval before they re-open.

Due to the unique and specialized nature of entertainment venues and attractions, each venue must submit a proposed plan to the County detailing how they will incorporate the applicable guidelines included in this handbook. They must follow both the general New Normal Guidelines, as well as those specific to their business, be it the rules for retail spaces, arts and cultural venues, restaurants, and/or pools. They must detail how these rules will be implemented and enforced within their facility(ies).

The plan must follow the format of these guidelines to include workforce protection, employee protection, non-employee protection, business process adaptations, employer-led public health interventions and industrywide safeguards. At a minimum, the plans must address the required elements of the respective set of guidelines.

This plan must be approved by the County and posted on-site prior to re-opening the facility(ies). Examples of such facilities include movie theaters, bowling alleys, auditoriums, indoor amusement facilities, casinos and various attractions. Please submit plans to [email protected].

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