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File Number: 032503

File Number: 032503 File Type: Discussion Item Status: Presented
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Public Safety Committee
Requester: NONE Cost: Final Action:
Agenda Date: 9/16/2003 Agenda Item Number:
Sponsors: Sally A. Heyman, Prime Sponsor
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Public Safety Committee 9/16/2003 1C2 Presented
REPORT: Following the presentation of the foregoing discussion item, Commissioner Heyman expressed concern regarding the impact the new fleet reduction policy and its potential to reduce the number of take home cars available to police officers, which would ultimately decrease police visibility throughout the community. In response to Commissioner Heyman's concern, Mr. Rothlein explained that the proposed 10 percent fleet reduction policy recommended by the County Manager would not impact the visibility of uniformed patrol cars. Assistant County Manager Susanne Torriente noted the County Manager and MDPD Director agreed to revisit the 108 vehicles impacted by the fleet reduction to ensure that operations were not affected. Upon concluding the foregoing, the following discussion was initiated by Commissioner Rolle regarding a proposed Request for Proposals (RFP) involving the renewal of the contract for rental and insurance for police vehicular rentals. Commissioner Rolle expressed concern regarding the MDPD RFP that had been advertised twice. It was now being advertised for the 3rd time and no one had responded. He stated it was unclear why the current contractor would not accept the option to renew on a monthly basis. Chairperson Martinez pointed out the conflict of the RFP. He noted MDPD's policies prohibited unmarked vehicles from engaging in a chase, and the Department must change its policy or the RFP must be changed to conform to the Department's policy. Mr. Theodore Lucas, Department of Procurement Management Director, explained that the subject RFP was time-sensitive because the current vendor had notified staff that they would not renew the existing contract. The current vendor refused to renew the contract because the County would not cover the cost of damages to vehicles involved in an accident while chasing, apprehending or pursuing a suspect. In response to Commissioner Rolle's inquiry, Mr. Lucas noted changes were made to the RFP to clarify the language and to address the vendors concerns prior to advertising the RFP a second time. Chairperson Martinez inquired why the RFP was advertised if it was in violation of the MDPD's policies. An unidentified MDPD staff member noted there was an interpretation problem with the MDPD policy because the Miami-Dade Police Department had numerous unmarked cars; however, the policy clearly stated that cars not equipped with lights and sound would not be involved in a chase. In response to Chairperson Martinez' inquiry, Mr. Lucas noted the RFP would be clarified to state that rental vehicles would not be used in a chase. Commissioner Heyman expressed concern regarding the lack of communication between the County Administration and Royal Rental Car (RRC). She noted the staff should have addressed RRC's misconception regarding the MDPD's policies, to prevent their insurance from being cancelled. Commissioner Rolle requested the RFP to be forwarded for review by the Procurement Management Subcommittee and then forwarded back to the PSC for review prior to being re-advertised. Commissioner Seijas asked Assistant County Attorney Thomas Robertson to explore the feasibility of adopting an emergency ordinance or resolution providing for an interim insurance policy to cover 276 undercover police vehicles until the RFP bid advertisement process was completed. She asked that a response be provided by the next day, September 17. Commissioner Heyman directed Ms. Marsha Pascual, Risk Management Director, to negotiate an extension of the current contract with the assistance of the County Manager and County Attorney. Mr. Robin Litz (phonetic), representing RRC, appeared before the Committee and noted he looked forward to meeting with the County staff to discuss the contractual procedures and continue doing business with the County. Upon concluding their discussion regarding this matter, the Committee by a unanimous vote, instructed that the proposed RFP be forwarded to the Procurement Management Subcommittee for review and subsequently to the Public Safety Committee for review, prior to being re-advertised as requested by Commissioner Rolle. The Committee also instructed Ms. Marsha Pascual, Risk Management Director, the County Manager, and the County Attorneys to negotiate with the current vendor to extend the existing contract, pending the renewal of the contract, as requested by Commissioner Heyman.

County Attorney 9/9/2003 Assigned Public Safety Committee

County Attorney 9/9/2003 Assigned Robert A. Ginsburg

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