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File Number: 051072

File Number: 051072 File Type: Citizen's Presentation Status: Before the Board
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Board of County Commissioners
File Name: PORT OPERATION AND TRUCKING Introduced: 4/12/2005
Requester: NONE Cost: Final Action:
Agenda Date: 4/19/2005 Agenda Item Number: 1E1
Indexes: NONE
Sponsors: Sally A. Heyman, Prime Sponsor
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Board of County Commissioners 4/19/2005 1E1 Presented
REPORT: Mr. Eduardo Verdays, representing Port of Miami truck drivers, appeared before the Board. He thanked the Board for withdrawing from the lawsuit against the truckers, however, he requested the Board’s assistance in addressing problems at the Port including overweight vehicles, chassis safety and pollution. Mr. Mike Scott, President, Principal Officer, Teamsters Local 769, appeared before the Board. He thanked the Board for withdrawing from the lawsuit against the truck drivers and noted he was hopeful that the problems facing the Port drivers would be addressed. Mr. Richard Austin, appeared before the Board on behalf of Mr. Robert Acuna, President, Forida Independent Truckers Association. He noted proper administration of the movement of traffic in/out of the Port was needed. Commissioner Heyman thanked Assistant County Manager Bill Johnson for his efforts involving the injunction being lifted and requested that ongoing meetings regarding safety/operation issues be held with the Port Director. Commissioner Rolle requested that the foregoing presentation not circumvent the direction given to the Seaport Director at the April 12, 2005 Community Empowerment and Economic Revitalization Committee (CEERC) meeting to provide the Committee with a report on the truckers and other concerns affecting the Port. Deputy County Manager Pete Hernandez said it was important that all parties work on pending issues and he noted a report on trucking issues would be presented at the next CEERC meeting. Commissioner Diaz congratulated Commissioner Rolle on his efforts in addressing the concerns of the truckers. He noted he was requested by Commissioner Moss as chairman of the previous Transportation Committee to address these concerns, however, he was advised by the county attorneys that there was nothing he could do due to Antitrust Laws. Commissioner Diaz said although most of the truckers were his constituents, he was advised that he could not attend their meetings without being in violation of federal law. Chairman Martinez thanked First Assistant County Attorney and the County Administration for their efforts regarding this issue.

Legislative Text

There is no text currently available online for this item.

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