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File Number: 052812

File Number: 052812 File Type: Discussion Item Status: In Committee
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Intergov., Recreation & Cultural Affairs Cmte.
File Name: HAULOVER MARINA Introduced: 10/3/2005
Requester: NONE Cost: Final Action:
Agenda Date: 10/12/2005 Agenda Item Number:
Sponsors: Sally A. Heyman, Prime Sponsor
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Intergov., Recreation & Cultural Affairs Cmte. 10/12/2005 1D2 Presented
REPORT: Assistant County Attorney Monica Maldonado read the title of the foregoing discussion item into the record. Captain Lynch, Charter Boat Operator, appeared and expressed concern with the directive from the Miami-Dade Park and Recreation Department (P&R) to discontinue fueling boats from a fuel truck at the Haulover Marina effective October 1, 2005. He noted P&R Director Vivian Rodriguez had indicated that a moratorium on enforcement of this directive might be possible. Captain Lynch referenced an affidavit from long-term tenant, Mr. George Kelly, attesting to the park’s history of never having a fuel spill in its 47-year existence. He explained how discontinuing this service would impact boat owners and operators financially and economically. Captain Lynch indicated that discontinuing this service would not lessen Miami-Dade County’s liability and asked Committee members to consider denying the request to discontinue the fueling or to allow the fueling to remain in force for approximately a year until the start of phase two for the new marina. Miami-Dade Park and Recreation Director Vivian Rodriguez noted that no other Miami-Dade County marina allowed boats to be fueled from trucks. She discussed the proposed changes to the Haulover Marina that required fueling from trucks to be discontinued. In response to Commissioner Gimenez’ inquiry of the fire hazard of fueling facilities at Haulover in comparison with Matheson Marinas, Ms. Rodriguez explained that the risk was minimized by having one single point to fuel boats. Commissioner Gimenez asked that Miami-Dade Park and Recreation Director Vivian Rodriguez study the feasibility of boaters obtaining fuel directly from a fuel truck parked in a designated area of the Haulover Marina’s fueling area. Ms. Rodriguez stated options were being explored to mitigate the impact to boaters, which included asking providers to incorporate a percentage reduction in rates for commercial fishing fleets. She stated she would comply with Commissioner Gimenez’ request. Commissioner Heyman asked that within the next three months, the County Attorney research performance bonds, liability, and insurance issues regarding the fueling service at the Haulover Marina. She also asked that Miami-Dade Park and Recreation Director Vivian Donnell-Rodriguez work with Captain Lynch to provide her with a responsive proposal that minimized hindrance to tenant operations. Ms. Rodriguez noted a vendor operated the fuel dock but the P&R Department operated the marina.

Legislative Text

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