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File Number: 070389

File Number: 070389 File Type: Citizen's Presentation Status: In Committee
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Governmental Operations and Environment Committee
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Indexes: NONE
Sponsors: Jose "Pepe" Diaz, Prime Sponsor
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Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Governmental Operations and Environment Committee 2/13/2007 1D2 Presented
REPORT: Chairwoman Seijas introduced Mr. Massari, whom she noted would make a presentation on Palm Oil, an alternative Bio-Diesel fuel. She noted she invited Mr. Massari to make this presentation because she felt it was important that this Committee be a clearing house for ideas and initiatives that could help the County reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. She stated the presentation was related to a resolution on today’s agenda under her sponsorship. Mr. Dominick Massari, CEO, Earthfirst Technology, a NASDAQ BB Public Company headquartered in Tampa Florida, made a presentation on Palm Biodiesel fuel. He indicated that global warming was real according to research conducted by the top 136 scientists, and his company was committed to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the past five years. He also noted his company sold the palm-based Biodiesel fuel, which was a proven alternative to diesel fuel licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and had sold over one million gallons of this fuel to customers throughout the State of Florida Mr. Massari noted this fuel was capable of eliminating carcinogenic PAH particulate pollution; contained a lower sulfur content and had a positive energy balance that produces six times the energy needed to create it. He stated he felt the County’s commitment to join the Chicago Climate Exchange was indicative of this Commissions commitment to reduce particulates and other harmful emissions. He encouraged the Committee members to explore the use of biodiesel products and other incentives/disincentives nationwide to become a cleaner and greener environment. Commissioner Diaz noted he would like to be added as a co-sponsor to the resolution sponsored by Chairwoman Seijas. He questioned the cost of bio-diesel fuel versus the cost of petroleum diesel fuel. Mr. Massari noted as an example that a B-20 blend would currently cost 3 to 4 cents more per gallon than petroleum diesel fuel, but the cost differences varied based on the fuel blend and the market. He further noted that approximately one million gallons of palm oil-biodiesel fuel was available at any given time and could last approximately two years. Chairwoman Seijas asked Assistant County Manager Roger Carlton to arrange a meeting with Mr. Massari, representatives from the Procurement Management Department and other County Department Directors whose department used the most diesel fuel, to explore the feasibility of implementing a pilot program using Palm Oil as an alterative fuel. She also asked that Mr. Carlton submit his findings/recommendations for Committee review within the next 60 days; including a cost analysis and everything else involved.

Legislative Text

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