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File Number: 100239
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File Number: 100239 File Type: Resolution Status: Deferred by the Board
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Board of County Commissioners
Requester: NONE Cost: Final Action:
Agenda Date: 2/18/2010 Agenda Item Number: 11A1
Sponsors: Sally A. Heyman, Prime Sponsor
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Board of County Commissioners 2/18/2010 11A1 Amended
REPORT: (See Agenda Item 11A1 Amended; Legislative File No. 101886)

Board of County Commissioners 2/2/2010 11A27 Deferred 2/18/2010 P
REPORT: County Attorney Cuevas introduced the foregoing proposed resolution into the record. Commissioner Seijas noted she felt the Board should closely review the additional changes made to this resolution prior to approval, and highlighted several items that concerned her. She inquired as to whether this item could be deferred to the next Commission meeting. Commissioner Heyman provided a detailed explanation of the changes proposed in the foregoing resolution noted the line items were created based on dialogue from staff, all County lobbyists, and all department heads. She advised that the critical area of Community Advocacy was added to page 22 with multiple standalone items, including Comprehensive Immigration Reform specific to Haiti and Temporary Protective Status for Haitians. Commissioner Seijas clarified that her issue was that this package, containing changes to critical priorities and appropriations, was delivered last night and emphasized the need for Board members to review the changes with staff. She reiterated her recommendation that this item be deferred to February 16, 2010. It was moved by Commissioner Seijas that the foregoing proposed resolution be deferred to February 16, 2010. This motion was seconded by Vice Chairman Diaz, followed by discussion. Commissioner Sorenson noted she felt it was in the County’s best interest to move this item forward and consider refinements at the next meeting. Commissioner Heyman spoke in opposition to the deferral and pointed out that two critical areas, job stimulus and immigration reform, had been added to this package. Commissioner Martinez noted the majority of the issues proposed in this legislative package were already being addressed by members of congress and the senate as part of their jobs. He expressed support for the deferral of this item. Commissioner Diaz noted he supported Commissioner Seijas’ motion to defer this item for further review. He recalled a similar situation wherein the Board was opposed to increasing flood maps, yet approved the item, understanding it would be reviewed further. He noted the maps were implemented anyway, and at great cost to sensitive areas. In response to Commissioner Gimenez’ question of the impact a two-week deferral would have on this item, Mr. Joe Rasco, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Director, noted the original item presenting the County’s 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda was approved by the Board previously. He explained that Chairman Moss requested staff to work with Commissioner Heyman to determine if the item could be improved, which resulted in the item presented today. Mr. Rasco advised that since the majority of the legislative appropriations items and requests were intact, a two-week delay should not have a significant impact. Commissioner Diaz noted he and Commissioner Sosa had a sunshine meeting schedule to discuss the flood map issue and noted he would like to see County lobbyists working alongside Congress in a unified effort against this issue. There being no further questions or comments, the Board proceeded to vote on the motion to defer. Commissioner Martinez asked the Intergovernmental Affairs Director to research whether other counties were requesting the same issues as this County and if so, to remove those issues from the County’s package. He also asked the director to provide him with a report identifying the number of appropriations that were actually passed by the legislators in Washington, D.C., within the past three (3) years.

County Manager 1/29/2010 Additions 2/2/2010

County Attorney 1/29/2010 Assigned Jess M. McCarty 1/29/2010

Legislative Text


WHEREAS, on January 21, 2010, the Board accepted item 1I1, which was the 2010 Proposed Federal Legislative Agenda for Miami-Dade County; and
WHEREAS, at the January 21, 2010 meeting, there was discussion about refining and reorganizing the 2010 Proposed Federal Legislative Agenda and bringing it back before the Board for approval after collaboration with the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and our federal contract lobbying team; and
WHEREAS, there have also been recent events in which the Board has taken a great interest, such as the earthquake in Haiti, that should be included in the County’s 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda; and
WHEREAS, a revised 2010 Proposed Federal Legislative Agenda is attached and incorporated by reference herein, with revisions identified by way of underline and strike-through,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that this Board amends the County’s 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda as set forth in the attached revised 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda. The revised 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda includes advocacy for the following additional critical priorities:
1. Increased federal support for extraordinary medical and social services in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti;

2. Passage of a federal jobs creation program;

3. Passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform;

4. Passage of the highway reauthorization bill with increases in direct and formula funding for programs including the Rail Modernization Program; and

5. Increased federal funding and staffing for domestic security, including funding and staffing at Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami.

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