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File Number: 102195
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File Number: 102195 File Type: Ordinance Status: In Committee
Version: 0 Reference: 10-59 Control: Board of County Commissioners
File Name: COUNTYWIDE GENERAL FUND MILLAGE Introduced: 9/7/2010
Requester: County Manager Cost: Final Action: 9/23/2010
Agenda Date: 9/13/2010 Agenda Item Number: 1
Sponsors: NONE
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Board of County Commissioners 9/23/2010 ITEM A Adopted P
REPORT: County Attorney Robert Cuevas read the foregoing proposed ordinance into the record. County Manager George Burgess noted the proposed Countywide operating millage rate was 5.4275 mills, which was 0 percent below the state-defined rolled-back rate. Hearing no further questions or comments, the Commission voted to adopt the foregoing proposed ordinance. (Note: The foregoing ordinance was adopted on Friday, September 24, 2010).

Board of County Commissioners 9/13/2010 ITEM A Adopted on first reading 9/23/2010 P
REPORT: County Attorney Cuevas read the foregoing proposed ordinance into the record. County Manager Burgess noted the proposed Countywide operating millage was 5.4275 mills which was zero percent below the state defined rollback rate. Hearing no further questions or comments, the Commission voted to adopt the foregoing proposed ordinance on first reading. (NOTE: See Legislative File No. 111579 entitled "Report re: Information for the 1st Budget Hearing" for additional information).

Legislative Text



Section 1. In compliance with the provisions of the Home Rule Charter and Chapter 200, Florida Statutes, as amended, the millage fixed and determined by the Board of County Commissioners as necessary to be levied in order to raise the amounts required by the Countywide General Fund budget are hereby ratified, confirmed and approved in every particular, and the total millage for all County operating purposes is fixed at 5.4275 mills on the dollar of taxable value of all property in Miami-Dade County, Florida, for the 2010-11 fiscal year. This millage is a zero percent (0%) increase over the state-defined rolled-back rate computed pursuant to Section 200.065(1), Florida Statutes.

Section 2. All taxes hereinabove described are hereby levied.

Section 3. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause or provision of this ordinance is held invalid, the remainder of this ordinance shall not be affected by such invalidity.

Section 4. The provisions of this ordinance shall become effective ten (10) days after the date of enactment unless vetoed by the Mayor, and if vetoed, shall become effective only upon override by this Board.

Section 5. This ordinance does not contain a sunset provision.


To: Honorable Chairman Dennis Moss
and Members, Board of County Commissioners

From: George M. Burgess
County Manager

Subject:Information for First Budget Hearing – FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget
This report accompanies the FY 2010-11 Budget Ordinances for your consideration at the first budget hearing on September 13, 2010. This document details all adjustments the Administration believes are necessary from what was included in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget, as well as making recommendations for other adjustments you may consider. The total value of all adjustments contained in this document is $15.550 million and is composed of the $17.147 million associated with the increased millage rate set by the Board for the Library System, $20.501 million in decreased ad valorem revenues resulting from Value Adjustment Board adjustments to the 2009 property tax roll, and overall increases of $10.711 million in grants and other proprietary revenues. This represents three tenths of one percent of the Proposed Operating Budget of $4.715 billion. The Public Health Trust adjustments total $242 million.

The Proposed Budget based on the July 1 tax roll was released on July 7, 2010. Subsequently, the Property Appraiser, as stipulated by State Statute, advertised the tentative millage rates as approved by the Board on July 20, 2010. The Countywide, UMSA, Fire Rescue Service District, and Library System tentative millage rates are 5.4275, 2.2980, 2.5753, and 0.35 mills, respectively. The attached ordinances reflect the revenues generated by the proposed millage rates. Pursuant to State law, the tentative millage rates approved at the first budget hearing cannot be higher than those established in July without re-noticing all property owners and cannot be increased at the second hearing.

The ordinances also incorporate technical changes and adjustments, corrections of scriveners’ errors, corrections of appropriation posting errors, and current estimates of grants for agencies and departments. Cash carryover for proprietary funds have been adjusted where appropriate. In addition, Attachment A is the revised Operating Budget, Countywide, and UMSA Revenue Summary Charts released as part of the Proposed Budget document with corrections to the figures for property tax and revenue proprietary/other revenues, a portion of which was misclassified. This was strictly a presentation issue which does not affect the estimated budgeted revenues.

It is recommended that various code requirements, and/or resolutions be amended including: repealing and replacing Sections 2-1501 through 2-1506 related to the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, repealing Sections 2-2011 through 2-2023 related to the Community Periodical Advertising Program, and waiving Section 2-11.1 (S)(2)(b) relating to the use of Lobbyist Trust Fund revenue of the Code of Miami-Dade. Changes necessary for the merger of Building Code Compliance and Building Neighborhood Compliance are also included. Legislative items recommended to be rescinded or amended are referenced in the corresponding budget ordinances and explained in more detail in this memorandum.

As you are aware, the FY 2011-12 operating budget for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Service District will be even more challenging than the one being recommended for the upcoming fiscal year. By the end of FY 2010-11, the Fire District would have depleted its entire $17 million emergency contingency reserve, among other measures to avoid reducing front line fire and emergency rescue services. In order to provide maximum flexibility for the Board of County Commissioners to have alternative funding options for Fire District suppression services in the future, we will begin the statutorily required four consecutive weeks of public advertisement necessary for the Board to pass a resolution of intent to use the property tax notice and billing mechanism to collect a non-ad valorem assessment for fire protection. Passage of this resolution does not commit the Board to any specific course of action, but it will substantially reduce the potential costs of statutorily required public notice and decrease the cost associated with the collection of revenue should the Board decide to implement a non-ad valorem fire assessment. The resolution of intent will be presented to the Board in October.

As part of this year’s budget development process, we held 55 departmental resource allocation meetings and, as required under Ordinance 07-45, two Revenue Estimating Conferences, all of which were publicly noticed meetings. We also held 15 public meetings throughout the County on August 3, 4, 30, and 31 and September 1, pursuant to R-1018-94, to discuss tax rates and fee changes (Attachment B is a copy of the advertisements for these meetings). We also have and will continue to respond to numerous letters, e-mails, and phone calls from the public with questions about the budget. Between the first and second budget hearings, the Mayor and I will continue to work with you and the Commission Auditor on further refinements to the budget, as required, and adjustments will be incorporated as part of the information that will be provided to the Board for the second budget hearing on September 23, 2010.


Updated Tax Roll and Operating Reserve Adjustments
Subsequent to the release of the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget, adjustments were made to the 2009 property tax roll that resulted in less revenues for purposes of maintaining no tax increase millage rates. These adjustments resulted in revenue losses in both Countywide and Unincorporated Municipal Service Area General Fund of $18.558 million and $1.943 million, respectively. The revenue gaps will be addressed through revised revenue in the General Fund, now that we have additional actual activity on which to project, and adjustments to expenditure projections for Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) tax increment payments, the Wage/Separation/Energy Reserve, and the use of earned bond interest to make debt service payments subsidized by the General Fund. These additional interest earnings allow for a reduction to the General Fund subsidy to the Capital Outlay Reserve. In addition, on July 20, 2010, the Board approved a tentative millage rate for the Library Taxing District of 0.350 mills, 0.1027 mills above that of the proposed millage rate of 0.2473 mills, generating an additional $17.147 million in revenues for the Library District. These funds have been placed in a reserve for future services. 

The recommended operating budget adjustments total $15.550 million and are summarized in the table above and detailed in the following paragraphs.

Animal Services (ASD)
The trust fund ordinance schedule, which was inadvertently omitted (Fund TF 600, Subfund 022, project 022111), from the original submission, will reflect $68,000, to include $23,000 in additional grant proceeds.

Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
Per ordinance 10-45, approved July 8, 2010, the Office of Community Advocacy has been moved under the Board of County Commissioners. As a result, the BCC’s Proposed Budget is being adjusted to reflect the transfer of five positions and $728,000 in Countywide General Fund (Fund GF 010, Subfund 010).

Building and Neighborhood Compliance
Revenues for both the Department of Building and Neighborhood Compliance and the Building Code Compliance Office have seen significant reductions this past year and are projected to continue to decrease. By merging the departments, the County has been able to gain efficiencies in administration that have been used to minimize reductions to direct service positions, resulting from revenue constraints. Furthermore, although the County continued with a separate Building Code Compliance Office, the adoption of statewide Florida Building Code (FBC) in 2002, which re-assigned responsibility for local building codes from local governments to the Florida Building Commission, no longer necessitated maintaining a separate department.

Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and Community Action Agency (CAA)
To effectuate the changes associated with the creation of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade Consortium as indicated in the Proposed Budget, the accompanying ordinances incorporates the required code changes to achieve the goals set for OEDIT. It revises the Office’s role to include the coordination, integration, and support of Miami-Dade County's various economic development initiatives/activities that can lead to increased economic development opportunities and job creation; creates and establishes a new advisory board that replaces the International Trade Consortium Board; OEDIT staff will now report to the Mayor and the Executive Director will be appointed by the Mayor; and other changes to the composition, qualifications, and tenure of the new Advisory Board.

The FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget recommends transferring the Federal Empowerment Zone Program (EZ) from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to OEDIT.  However, after further consideration, we believe that the CAA will provide stronger administrative support for the Federal Empowerment Zone Program, which ended on July 2, 2010.  In order to better support the close out of the Empowerment Zone program, we recommend transferring one position from OEDIT to CAA, reinstating one position from the DHCD to further support this function in CAA, and correspondingly transferring miscellaneous revenues totaling $318,000 from OEDIT to CAA. We expect this activity and the position support for EZ efforts to be required for only a portion of the fiscal year.

The Proposed Budget adjustment for Head Start, due to the reduction in service days, did not accurately allocate savings between personnel and other operating costs.  The correct allocation reduces CAA’s personnel costs by $6.169 million and increases its other operating costs by $6.169 million.

Convention and Development Tax (CDT)
As a result of debt service payment adjustments and reduced incremental revenue occurring from the Omni CRA, the CDT ordinance schedule needs to be adjusted to reflect an increased debt service payment obligation of $840,000 from $22.947 million to $23.787 million. To offset this adjustment a corresponding $840,000 is being reduced from the Performing Arts Center Trust Operating Subsidy from $1.916 million to $1.076 million.  As a result of this reduction, projects in the Center’s capital plan may be delayed.

Corrections and Rehabilitation (C&R)
As part of the continuing effort to support and retain employees, the Corrections and Rehabilitation Department will establish an in-house fitness/wellness center in the Department to provide employees with proper physical training, conditioning, maintenance and nutritional instruction, and to supplement the recently established employee’s crisis intervention and psychological services.  This center, to be created at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, will operate seven days a week from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm, and will be staffed by the Miami-Dade Training Institute. The initial cost for the refurbishing of the training area and the acquisition of equipment is estimated at $325,000. The center will be operated by reinstating three positions ($198,000) earmarked to be deleted from Miami-Dade Police Department (one MDPD Wellness Program Supervisor and two MDPD Wellness Program Specialists).   Funds for this program will be provided by savings in the C&R budget in the current year and included in the MDPD budget for next year.

Subsequent to the release of the Proposed Budget, the Finance Department received notification of additional collections accounts being referred to Credit and Collections Division from the Department of Solid Waste Management and Jackson Health Systems. As a result of these additional placements, revenue will increase by $200,000 and three positions will be restored. Based on actual workload activity, additional positions may be required.

Human Services (DHS)
Subsequent to the release of the Proposed Budget, an additional $1.5 million in grant funding was received from the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe. This additional funding will allow the Department to serve the same number of children as in FY 2009-10.  Also, an additional $2.258 million in grant funding was received from the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe to accommodate the anticipated demand for Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK) services. It is expected that an additional 3,140 children will be served for a total of approximately 21,500 children during the 2010-2011 program year.  The Inclusion/Assessment program, which was previously administered by DHS in the 2009-2010 Program Year, has now been awarded to outside agencies.  Funding for the Inclusion/Assessment program will remain in the grant allocation, but DHS will pass the funds to the awarded agencies.  The loss of the Inclusion/Assessment program from the DHS scope of services, combined with a decrease of $258,000 allowed for administrative expenses, requires the elimination of 11 full-time positions.

Juvenile Services
Subsequent to the release of the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget, it was determined two positions supporting the Guardian Ad Litem program should be restored consistent with County obligations delineated by Article V of the State Constitution ($158,000) to support 64 state funded positions.  In addition, an adjustment is needed to appropriately reflect final bargaining agreement salary provisions ($30,000) and a correction is needed to reflect the elimination of one Juvenile Assessment Counselor from the Clinical Assessment and Diversion Services Division not shown in the Proposed Budget.

As tentatively adopted by the Board on July 20, 2010, the increase in the Library System millage generates an additional $17.147 million in revenues. As indicated above, these funds have been placed in a reserve for future services. The Board may choose to act in a number of ways, including reducing the millage rate back to the proposed 0.2473 and consequently adopting the proposed service levels.  Should the Board choose to approve the 0.35 millage rate, the Board may use the reserved funds to increase Library services, including the restoration of both Sunday hours and six days of service at non-regional libraries (60 full-time positions and $4.325 million), two hours of service system-wide (150 part-time positions and $1.802 million), and restoring all other support services, outreach services, maintenance projects, and other operating costs (25 full-time positions, 73 part-time positions, and $9.331 million), and moving the remaining $1.689 million into reserves or any combination of the above, balanced by millage reductions or reserve increases.

Medical Examiner
The Proposed Budget for the Medical Examiner needs to be revised to correct a duplication of proprietary revenue ($180,000) that was incorporated as part of the Proposed Budget and to appropriately reflect salaries and fringes that were underestimated by $180,000. As a result, the Countywide General Fund subsidy to the department needs to be increased by $360,000 (Fund SO 110, Subfund 113).  

Police (MDPD)
Subsequent to the release of the Proposed Budget, it was determined that the Miami-Dade Police Department will handle activities related to the collection of off-duty payments. The total net savings from performing this function in-house is $205,000 which will be reduced from the department’s General Fund subsidy and reflected as proprietary revenue. MDPD will restore four civilian positions assigned to the Metropolitan Training Institute’s Video Services Section ($426,000) to be funded by delaying the start date of the scheduled police class.

Public Health Trust (PHT)
The Public Health Trust board at its August 23, 2010 meeting recommended an operating budget of $1.975 billion, which represents an increase of $242 million from the Proposed Budget.  The PHT also recommended a capital budget of $191.634 million, an increase of $97.054 million from the Proposed Budget.  A detailed explanation is provided in the attached memorandum (Attachment C). A more detailed budget presentation has been provided to you under separate cover.

Public Works
As noted in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget, an updated budget has been completed for the Special Taxing Districts.  The revised budget reflects a net decrease of $503,443 (Fund SO 900, Subfunds 901, 905, and 906).  In addition, the Department’s ordinance schedule (Fund ER 430) requires a correction to appropriately reflect a transfer of $789,000 to the Causeway Capital Fund (Fund ER 431) and a corresponding reduction of $789,000 in reserve for future projects.

The Seaport budget will be adjusted by $460,000 in cruise revenue as a result of the approved Amendment 1 to the Cruise Terminal Agreement between Carnival Corporation and Miami-Dade County effective October 1, 2010. Accordingly, operating expenses will be increased to pay for additional dedicated audit services ($220,000) and to cover for Port clean-up activities ($35,000). Non-operating expenses will be increased by $205,000 for added promotional funds. Additional promotional events will be used for several events including the 2011 International Longshoreman Association convention being held in South Florida ($40,000), AAPA Latin American Ports Delegation ($20,000), and the 2011 Florida Forum meeting ($7,500). Increased funding will be provided World Trade Center ($12,500) and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau ($125,000) for a pass-through marketing campaign.

A revised budget for the Aviation Department approved by the Miami Airport Affairs Committee (MAAC), reflects an increase of $5.701 million. The revised budget reflects a revenue reduction of $20.253 million in aviation fees, decreased rental revenues ($9.880 million), decreased cash carryover ($74,000), increased commercial operations revenues ($18.246 million), an increased transfer from the improvement fund of $17.5 million, and an increase of $162,000 in other miscellaneous revenues. The landing fee rate, currently at $1.92 per 1,000 pound unit in FY 2009-10 will remain the same in FY 2010-11.  Airline cost per enplaned passenger, currently at $17.81 in FY 2009-10 will increase by $2.08 to an estimated enplaned passenger cost of $19.89 in FY 2010-11, but reflects a decrease of $2.06 per enplaned passenger from the recommended $21.95 enplaned passenger cost in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget.

Miami-Dade Aviation Department Revenue Reconciliation:
Description Amount ($ in 000’s) FY 2010-11 Proposed Revenues $752,284 Reduction in Aviation Fees and Charges -20,253 Reduction in Rental Revenue -9,880 Increase in Commercial Operations 18,246 Reduction in Cash Carryover -74 Increase Other Miscellaneous Revenues 162 Increase Transfer from Improvement Fund 17,500 FY 2010-11 Revised Proposed Revenues $757,985Departmental expenditures will be adjusted a corresponding $5.701 million to $757.985 million. This is comprised of a net decrease of $2.660 million in operating expenditures and a net increase in non-operating expenditures of $8.361 million.

Operational expenditure adjustments include an increase of salaries by $450,000 to reflect a reduction of six administrative positions and an increase of 12 positions required to maintain the Airport Automated people mover system in house in lieu of using an outside contractor. An increase of $48.032 million in other operating expenditures is being programmed for the Maintenance and Operations of the North Terminal Train, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Energy Performance Contracts, and the Black Box Contract. Additional adjustments to other operating expenses include a decrease in Administration Support and outside Management Agreements by $11.142 million, to reflect a revised projection estimates in the current fiscal year.

Miami Dade Aviation Department Operating Expenditure Reconciliation:
Description  Amount ($ in 000’s) FY 2010-11 Proposed Operating Expenditures $402,109 Reduction of Salaries 450 Increase of Other Operating 8,032 Decrease of Other Operating (Administration Support and Outside Agreements) -11,142 FY 2010-11 Revised Operating Expenses $399,449Non-operational expenditure adjustments reflect a decrease of $399,000 in cash reserves, a decreased transfer of $73,000 to the Improvement Reserve Fund, increased transfer of $3.858 million to the debt service fund, and an increase of $4.975 million transferred to the reserve maintenance fund.  

Miami Dade Aviation Department Non-Operating Expenditure Reconciliation:
Description Amount ($ in 000’s) FY 2010-11 Proposed Non-Operational Expenditures $350,175 Reduction to Cash Reserve -399 Reduction Transfer to Improvement Fund -73 Increase Transfer to Debt Service Fund 3,858 Increase to Reserve Maintenance Fund 4,975 FY 2010-11 Revised Non-Operational Expenditures $358,536Other non-operating fund changes that are primarily driven by changes in cash carryover and transfers will require an adjustment in expenditures. A decrease in expenditure authority for the Improvement Fund of $73,000 will be required, the Reserve Maintenance Fund requires an expenditure adjustment to reflect a net increase of $22.201 million (as a result of additional cash carryover expected by the end of FY 2009-10), and the Interest and Sinking fund will require an adjustment in expenditure authority to reflect an increase of $3.858 million.

Promotional Funding
Attachments D and E are the reports on Airport and Seaport promotional funds as required by Administrative Order 7-32.

Community Periodical Program
As you may be aware, the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget does not include any General Fund subsidy to the Community Periodical Program. However, proprietary departments will continue to advertise in community periodicals.

Recommended Fee Adjustments
The Board is reminded that the Self-Supporting Budget Ordinance (Agenda Item F) includes the proposed fee changes that were recommended in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget. Fee adjustments include, but are not limited to: Animal Services, Building and Neighborhood Compliance, Emergency Management, Library, Planning and Zoning, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, Water and Sewer, Medical Examiner, Park and Recreation, Solid Waste, Vizcaya Museum and Garden, Seaport, and Aviation.

On August 21, 2010, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department (MDFR) held a grand opening ceremony for the new MDFR Training Center located in Doral. This state of the art fire training facility contains five classrooms, an auditorium, and various structural and fire training props unique to this facility that can be utilized by national and international agencies and institutions to produce revenue for MDFR. The attached MDFR Training Center Facility Fee and Rental Schedule was developed by surveying comparable facility rental rates for classroom and meeting space in the Miami area. The facility is expected to generate approximately $400,400 per year in rental revenue, to cover the center’s operational expenses. Also attached is a Training Center Course fee schedule for academic classes that may be offered by MDFR. The Department will offer the courses when enrollment revenue and instructor costs justify the training activities. MDFR is still in the process of developing a tentative schedule for the sample courses listed and will have a revenue estimate available upon its completion.

Furthermore, based on contracts and interlocal agreements applicable to the Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM), Waste disposal and landscaper coupon fees are to be adjusted following the estimated July “Consumer Price Index (CPI) South, All Urban Consumers,” issued by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget, no CPI increase or decrease was assumed. The actual adjustment as released on July 9, 2010, is 0.9 percent. Accordingly, it is proposed that the operating budget for the DSWM be increased to reflect this adjustment. Fund EW 470 (Collections) operating reserves are reduced $381,000 to reflect additional disposal charges ($399,000), partially offset by $18,000 in additional collection revenues. Fund EW 490 (Disposal) operating reserves are increased by $1.193 million to reflect additional disposal revenues.

Other fee adjustments are detailed in each departmental narrative included in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Resource Allocation and Multi-Year Capital Plan book, Volume 2.


Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond Program Adjustments
For the Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond program, the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) will be updated, as required, for any changes that take place between the schedules shown in the Proposed and the project list that will ultimately be adopted along with the series resolution approved for the next bond sale. Information will be provided to the Board concerning the relative impact on project funding driven by the millage rate ultimately adopted.

The FY 2010-11 Proposed CIP recommended a CIP of $6.556 billion for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. An additional $45 million added to contingency requirements for closing out construction costs associated with the opening of the North Terminal Project #6339221. Associated revenues will be adjusted to reflect an increase of $45 million to $6.601 billion from $6.556 billion in the Proposed Budget. The additional proceeds reflect an increase of $1.608 million in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) grant funding and an increase of $43.392 million from Aviation Revenue Bond proceeds.

Community Development Block Grant
The Proposed Budget recommended a 10 percent increase of $1.736 million in Community Development Block Grant funding for County departments, from 40 to 50 percent.  However, based on concerns raised at the Housing and Community Development Committee on July 14, 2010 the funding for County departments in now recommended to remain at the current year’s level. The revenue loss of $1.736 million will be partially offset by adjustments to non-departmental allocations. The Department of Human Services facility improvements, project will be reduced by a net $251,000 and the State Department of Health facility improvements by $896,000.  Park and Recreation Amelia Earhart Park facility improvements will be increased by $270,000. See Attachment F.

Corrections and Rehabilitation
The Proposed Budget includes the consolidation of the Pretrial Detention Center (PTDC) and Turner, Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK) booking operations. The proposed plan requires the PTDC to assume all booking functions by no later than December 1, 2010 for a duration of one year.  Although the proposed plan will achieve the projected savings, it is understood that the proposed plan may cause operational delays for police officers returning to their community patrol duties. As the Department looks into a long-term solution for centralized booking functions, it is clear that the PTDC space constraints could become an operational liability. Therefore, the renovation and modernization of the TGK rear lobby is essential to the long term success of this initiative. Once the TGK rear lobby renovation project is completed, it will provide the Department with a viable centralized open booking operation, separating the booking and reception activities of our local Law Enforcement Organizations from the Department’s internal transportation requirements, which will provide expedited reception and booking activities to minimize the amount of time that law enforcement officers will spend at the facility. The Centralized Booking at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Project will be added for the Correction and Rehabilitation Department funded with departmental savings $1 million; $430,000 allocated for FY 2010-11 and $570,000 in FY 2011-12 in the Capital Outlay Reserve.

GSA Overtown II and Hope VI-Scott Carver Phase II
The Capital Asset Acquisition Bond Series 2007A (Fund CB 360, Subfund 015) and the Capital Asset Acquisition Bond Series 2010 require a technical adjustment. As authorized by Resolution No. R-698-10 on July 8, 2010 amending Resolution No. R-342-07, adjustments are needed to add the acquisition of the Overtown II building (Project #116910) to the project list of the Capital Asset Acquisition Bond Series 2007 in order to utilize funds that were not necessary for the Hope VI-Scott Carver project (Project #8061811).  Furthermore, Resolution No. R-698-10 includes Hope VI-Scott Carver in the project list for the Capital Asset Acquisition Bond Series 2010.

Judicial Administration
A cash flow revision to the Joseph Caleb Courthouse Project #3028110 was made to advance $273,000 in funding from FY 2011-12 to FY 2010-11. Overall project cost remains the same. In addition, the Coral Gables Courthouse Expansion, Project #306230, was revised to reflect $400,000 advanced in FY 2009-10 from the FY 2010-11 allocation from Capital Outlay Reserve in order to finish the courtroom expansions. A notice to proceed was issued earlier than anticipated and the project is now scheduled to be completed by May of 2011.

Public Health Trust (PHT)
Adjustments are recommended to the Public Health Trust FY 2010-11 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) ordinance schedule to reflect the results of work performed during the summer updating projections to ongoing projects and recommended additions to the FY 2010-11 Proposed CIP for new projects. (PHT capital expenditure other than Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond PHT projects are included in the PHT ordinance schedule. For FY 2010-11, the PHT CIP is recommended to increase from $94.58 million to $191.634 million. The increase of $97.054 million results from an updated projection of carryover for previously issued revenue bond proceeds and earned interest ($29.147 million), additional interest earnings ($350,000), additional funded depreciation/cash contribution ($13.1 million), a JMH Foundation contribution ($6 million), and a programmed future debt issuance ($48.457 million). The increase will continue to fund ongoing project commitments and programmed new projects for healthcare facility improvements and equipment including medical equipment ($56.674 million), information technology software and hardware ($23.756 million), and life-safety/infrastructure improvements ($16.624 million).

Public Works (PWD)
The Public Works Department has re-evaluated the project costs of the Venetian Bridge Rehabilitation, Project #605860 which increased to $8.123 million from $7.249 million and will be funded with savings identified from the Causeway Toll System Upgrade Project #605220 ($312,000) and additional funding from the Florida Department of Transportation - County Incentive Grant Program ($562,000). Additionally, PWD will add a new capital project to upgrade and retrofit existing stormwater pump stations and water control structures with a project cost of $800,000 and will be funded as a result of lower construction costs identified from the Drainage Improvements Floral Park Project #2130 of $800,000 in Stormwater Utility funds.

Technical Adjustments
Four projects were inadvertently marked for deletion in the proposed budget. Two are drainage improvements (SW 157 Avenue from SW 42 Street to SW 64 Street, Project #559780 and SW 72 Street to SW 80 Street from 52 to 57 Avenue, Project # 608820), the refurbishment of SW 296 Street Sonovoid Bridge over C-103 Canal, Project #603870, and the Greenways and Trails, Project #932610 (Commission District 1). Appropriate technical adjustments will reinstate the projects to active status. Project #607540, Toll Plaza Diesel Tank Removal, which was completed in prior years, has been marked for completion.

Attached is a Pay Plan that is consistent with the Proposed Budget. The Pay Plan contains updates that clarify Pay Plan language and provisions. It also includes the addition of new classifications, the abolition of obsolete classifications, and occupational code and title changes. The pay rates reflected in the Pay Plan will be administered in accordance with the provisions of the Living Wage Ordinance 99-44.

In some instances, the above recommendations and correction of errors will adjust the number of positions in the FY 2010-11 Proposed Budget. The adjustments included in this memorandum increase the total number of recommended positions by 11 to 27,425. This is 1,188 positions less than authorized in FY 2009-10, more than 600 of which are vacant. Attachment G includes the Tables of Organization associated with the personnel changes.

Moving Forward

We will continue to work with the Board to address the priorities and concerns that have been identified since the release of the Proposed Budget. I am hopeful that we can work together to mitigate, to the best of our abilities, some of the most significant service impacts made necessary by our very constrained property tax revenues while ensuring the cost of our government services is as low as we can possibly make it. My staff and I are prepared to work closely with the members of the Board to develop the required adjustments which will be brought to the Board for consideration at the second budget hearing.


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