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Agenda Date: 5/17/2011 Agenda Item Number: 1D4
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Board of County Commissioners 5/17/2011 1D4 Presented
REPORT: Vice-Chairwoman Edmonson introduced the Reverend Dr. Walter T. Richardson, Board Member, Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust (MDEAT) and Youth Action Committee Chair, to present MDEAT’s Teen Violence Summit recommendations. She noted Dr. Richardson served 26 years as Senior Pastor of Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church in Perrine, and served as a member of the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board. Vice-Chairwoman Edmonson acknowledged MDEAT’s Director and staff for their continued hard work. Vice-Chairwoman Edmonson also introduced Ms. Ariel Derveau, member, Miami-Dade County Teen Court; eleventh grade student, Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School; and District 5 resident. Reverend Dr. Walter T. Richardson, 7993 SW 187 Street, introduced Mr. John Dixon and Mr. Anthony Williams, MDEAT staff members. Reverend Dr. Richardson provided an overview of the Teen Summits held throughout Miami-Dade County from May through August 2010. He noted these Summits, hosted by MDEAT through the Miami-Dade County Teen Court, afforded young people and their families an opportunity to express their concerns about youth violence and its impact on their lives; and to offer recommendations to the following concerns: ~reducing youth violence and bullying in schools and communities ~reducing violence with the imposed curfew ~reducing negative texting ~reducing insensitive behavior among peers Ms. Ariel Delva, student, Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School, provided the County Commission with her perspective on youth violence. As a Teen Court member, Ms. Darvielle said she believed that MDEAT, along with the Teen Court, would reduce violence and bullying in our schools and communities. Reverend Dr. Richardson said the recommendations were outlined in the handout submitted for the record at today’s (5/17) meeting (See Exhibit), and he looked forward to the County Commission’s response. Commissioner Moss expressed appreciation to Reverend Richardson for his leadership. He asked Reverend Richardson and MDEAT members to determine how the tendency of funding agencies to require a percentage of the funding upfront, affected grass roots organizations that fund youth programs such as Community-Based Organizations. Commissioner Jordan commended representatives from MDEAT and the Teen Court for holding Summits throughout Miami-Dade County in an effort to obtain feedback from young people. She also noted the Summit’s recommendations were critical in reducing violence in our community.

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