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File Number: 111808 File Type: Report Status: Before the Board
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Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Public Safety & Healthcare Admin Cmte 9/13/2011 6A Report Received
REPORT: Assistant County Attorney Gerald Sanchez read the title of the foregoing reports into the record. Mr. Carlos Migoya, CEO, and Mr. Mark Knight, Chief Financial Officer, Jackson Health Systems (JHS), appeared before this Committee and presented the foregoing reports. Mr. Knight provided an overview of the written response forwarded to Commissioner Jordan regarding an analysis on whether Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) should operate with a single or consolidated provider number for federal reimbursement. He noted the findings reflected that it would be more financially beneficial for JHS to file as a consolidated entity, which meant one provider number assigned to the South and Main location of JMH in addition to reimbursement benefits for Medicare and Medicaid, and other governmental reimbursement programs. Commissioner Heyman asked Carlos Migoya, CEO, Jackson Health System (JHS) to provide a monthly update regarding the application of the pilot program entitled “User Access Program” (UAP) to JHS Procurement Department; and to look at the feasibility of consolidating the Procurement Department with the County in order to receive county benefits in purchasing. She also requested an update on the ongoing negotiations with Miami International Airport (MIA) regarding placing medical clinic sites within MIA. Commissioner Heyman commented on the inmate healthcare related issue, noting that the true costs or assets were not identified. She noted she believed this matter should be under the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, rather than JHS. She also noted that JHS has been maintaining a financial obligation to supervise the JMH personnel, and there was a fugitive healthcare cost totaling $350,000 for inmates who were federal fugitives. Commissioner Heyman inquired on the County’s obligations other than providing healthcare to inmates in order to recover funds used in providing medical assistance for both state, and federal, under corrections. Commissioner Heyman also requested that a report be prepared on the status of inmate healthcare for the next PSHA Committee meeting and to include a list of people who could offer assistance in changing the process, or reducing the number of hours of overtime in the Corrections & Rehabilitation Department. In response to Commissioner Heyman’s comments on bills forwarded to JMH that was a result of inmates who were sent to other hospitals by the Corrections & Rehabilitation Department, Ms. Alina Hudak noted the payment of those bills were allocated from the General Funds Budget. Commissioner Bell commended the work efforts of JHS and the Public Health Trust, and she noted the improvement was visible. Mr. Carlos Migoya commented on the work efforts made to move forward and he assured the Board members they would receive updated information on JMH in advance.

County Mayor 8/29/2011 Assigned Public Safety & Healthcare Admin Cmte 9/13/2011

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