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Board of County Commissioners 10/18/2011 6B1 Presented
REPORT: Chairman Martinez introduced the foregoing discussion item. Commissioner Heyman recalled that the County Mayor included a line item, in the last County Budget, allocating $150,000 for In-kind services within County Commission Districts. She listed examples of services that qualified for these funds, pointing out that Fire Rescue was not included because it had its own category. Commissioner Heyman explained her original request that in lieu of recapturing all the Commission District Reserve funds, $10,000 could remain in each Commissioner’s Office Fund Account for In-kind distribution. She stated the Board could now procedurally move forward on this initiative since the Mayor had allocated an amount greater than the requested $10,000. Commissioner Heyman noted these funds could be distributed countywide or within specific districts and could be maintained in a logistical computation to allocate towards such activities as using the Show Mobile, having a stage, waiving Park & Recreation Department (P&R) fees, Countywide issue from the Chair’s Office, March of Dimes, Juvenile Diabetes at the Zoo, etc. In response to several Board members’ inquiries regarding a process for distribution of the In-kind funds, Chairman Martinez noted no formal process was established. He stated the total amount allocated was divided by 13 equally. Commissioner Heyman commented that the total amount allocated to the County Commission was $150,000, and suggested that $10,000 be allocated to each Commission District Office for distribution and that the remaining $20,000 be distributed through the Office of the Chair. Commissioner Barreiro suggested the Administration proffer to the Board a recommended process for the distribution of the subject funds. Responding to Commissioner Barreiro’s suggestion, Commissioner Heyman explained that a process currently existed since this was still In-kind funds. She noted that previously when the P&R Department was asked to waive costs, funds existed in the department’s budget for that particular activity. However, she pointed out that although the funds no longer existed in the departmental budgets, the criteria previously established should apply to this process. Ms. Jennifer Glazer-Moon, Office of Business Management Director, advised that there was $150,000 in the reserve; however, the Board needed to determine whether reimbursement would be on a two-thirds basis continuing or one-to-one. She pointed out that funding no longer existed in the departments and reminded Board members that previously departments were forced to absorb one-third of the cost. Ms. Glazer-Moon explained that should the Board allocate this fund for a service, the department would actually get that amount of money from the Commission as they would have gotten from another organization for that service. Commissioner Heyman reiterated her suggestion, commenting that previously the In-kind fund was disproportionately distributed with nearly all going to the P&R services. As an example, she explained that if the cost to rent the Show Mobile was $700, that entire amount would be allocated from District 4’s In-kind funds to the P&R Department. Chairman Martinez inquired about how the costs for events and activities were established and noted this issue needed to be explored. He questioned whether the actual cost to use the P&R Show Mobile was $700. In response, Ms. Glazer-Moon advised that the cost was not $700; however, that was the amount established in the Implementing Order and revenue associated with rental of the Show Mobile was assumed in the department’s budget. She added that if someone rented the Show Mobile and no money was received for it, then the revenue that was anticipated would not be realized. Chairman Martinez noted some things would need to change but this was something to consider. Commissioner Sosa recommended that the process used for distribution In-kind fund allocations be done through a resolution for Board approval. Chairman Martinez pointed out that this issue needed further discussion, particularly the Show Mobile that was purchased by taxpayer dollars and was now going back to taxpayers for payment. Commissioner Jordan requested clarification on Commissioner Heyman’s recommendation that each Commission District be allocated $10,000 and the remaining $20,000 be applied to countywide activities. She pointed out that unless criteria was developed identifying what qualified as countywide activities, the determination was left to individual Commissioner’s interpretation. In response to Commissioner Jordan’s question, Commissioner Heyman stated that the existing guidelines stipulated that In-kind funds distribution must be done by resolution vetted by the full Commission and subject to veto by the Mayor. She noted this distribution process was her reason for establishing this as an In-kind account, rather than Commissioners’ individual accounts. Commissioner Jordan reminded Board members that, in the past, Commissioners occasionally presented individually supported items for the Board’s approval, and supplemented funding with their office fund dollars. She expressed concern with this being a subjective process, and recommended dividing the entire $150,000 equally between the 13 Districts. Commissioner Heyman reiterated that this would be In-kind funds as opposed to contributions from the Commission and again listed examples of the uses recommended for this fund. Commissioner Moss recommended that the $10,000 per district should be allocated by District Commissioners and that the $20,000 should be allocated through the Chair’s Office. He explained that the Chair’s Office received different kinds of requests that went beyond the districts’ requests. Chairman Martinez expressed concern that without a process in place, the method recommended by Commissioner Moss would evolve into a first come first served approach. He described how this would deplete the funds very quickly. Commissioner Barreiro clarified that allocations by Commissioners and the Chair’s Office would be made only by resolution before the Board for approval. It was moved by Commissioner Heyman that of the $150,000 included in the budget for In-kind services within County Commission Districts be distributed as follows: - that $10,000 be distributed through each of 13 Districts for a total of $130,000; - that $20,000 be distributed through the Office of the Chair; - that every request for allocation be made in the form of a resolution before the Board of County Commissioners for approval; and - that these funds be limited to In-kind services. This motion was seconded by Commissioner Jordan, and upon being put to a vote, passed by a vote of 13-0.

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