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File Number: 121255
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File Number: 121255 File Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Version: 0 Reference: R-592-12 Control: Board of County Commissioners
Requester: NONE Cost: Final Action: 7/3/2012
Agenda Date: 7/3/2012 Agenda Item Number: 11A12
Sponsors: Barbara J. Jordan, Prime Sponsor
  Esteban L. Bovo, Jr., Co-Sponsor
  Audrey M. Edmonson, Co-Sponsor
Sunset Provision: No Effective Date: Expiration Date:
Registered Lobbyist: None Listed

Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Board of County Commissioners 7/3/2012 11A12 Adopted P

County Attorney 6/19/2012 Assigned Hugo Benitez 6/20/2012

Economic Development & Social Services Committee 6/13/2012 2C AMENDED Forwarded to BCC with a favorable recommendation with committee amendment(s) P
REPORT: Assistant County Attorney Terrence Smith read the foregoing proposed resolution into the record. Chairwoman Sosa expressed her concern with directing the Mayor to hold a local business and manufacturer exposition annually. She recommended that Commissioner Jordan, as the sponsor, request the Mayor to present, for consideration by the County Commission, a feasibility study outlining the costs involved in sponsoring an annual fair and exposition, as well as what areas and which types of businesses would be targeted. Commissioner Bovo questioned the difference between this proposed resolution and what local Chambers of Commerce (“Chambers”) and business chambers were already doing. Commissioner Jordan noted she intended to meet with all the local Chambers to coordinate and collaborate with them to organize the proposed annual fair and exposition in a joint effort. She indicated that she also wanted to encourage the League of Cities to adopt the same philosophy, in order to be consistent. Commissioner Jordan stated that she was unsure whether a specific group for local manufacturers existed; possibly some of the businesses had joined a local Chamber of Commerce. She clarified that her intent was to target the local population to also join the local Chambers. Commissioner Jordan stated that these events would not have a fiscal impact on the County as the local manufacturers would bear the costs initially, and ultimately the events would pay for themselves. Commissioner Jordan said that she had asked staff to prepare a fiscal impact report prior to the Board of County Commissioners’ (BCC) consideration of this proposed resolution. Commissioner Jordan further noted she wanted to ensure that the County hosted an event exclusively for local manufacturers to give the local population the opportunity to sample their goods and services. Chairwoman Sosa suggested that Commissioner Jordan defer the foregoing proposed resolution until all of the information requested was obtained. She pointed out that the Columbian community, the Beacon Council and the South Florida Workforce already organized expositions and did not believe it was necessary to mandate the Mayor to organize similar events annually. Commissioner Jordan said that if the Committee decided to forward this item to the BCC, Chairwoman Sosa’s concerns could be addressed through a County’s Implementing Order (IO) describing how the Mayor would proceed with the task outlined in this proposed resolution. She also indicated that if the Mayor proposed a concrete implementing plan, she would amend this resolution accordingly. Chairwoman Sosa reminded Commissioner Jordan that a yearly job fair was hosted in Miami-Dade County, usually at the Port of Miami or the Miami International Airport. She reiterated her opposition to this proposed resolution and noted she preferred for the Committee to re-consider this item after receipt of all the requested information before it was forwarded to the BCC. Commissioner Barreiro suggested that this proposed resolution request a revenue-neutral plan; therefore, the County would not incur any cost, and the Mayor could examine the possibility of partnering with local Chambers to facilitate a fair and/or exposition. Commissioner Jordan noted she supported Commissioner Barreiro’s comments regarding a revenue-neutral plan. Commissioner Bell spoke in support of the concept; however she agreed with Commissioner Sosa that a number of local Chambers were already organizing such events. She stated that since Commissioner Jordan was suggesting the possibility to partner with these Chambers, she could consider using the language “encouraging”, rather than “directing” the Mayor. Commissioner Monestime noted he supported the amendment offered by Commissioner Barreiro and was in favor of the County playing a major role in promoting an exposition for local manufacturers. Commissioner Bovo spoke in support of the proposed resolution, noting this event would have to be organized in collaboration with the business community. He asked to be listed as a co-sponsor of this proposed resolution. Assistant County Attorney Hugo Benitez advised that the foregoing proposed resolution should be amended by inserting the following language into the “NOW, THEREFORE” clause: “…be it resolved that the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee is directed to recommend to this Board within six months from the date of this resolution a revenue-neutral plan to…” It was moved by Commissioner Bell that the foregoing proposed resolution be forwarded to the BCC with a favorable recommendation with a Committee amendment to insert the following language in the “NOW, THEREFORE” clause: “…be it resolved that the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee is directed to recommend to this Board within six months from the date of this resolution a revenue-neutral plan to…” This motion was seconded by Commissioner Monestime, and upon being put to a vote, passed by a vote of 5-0 (Commissioner Moss was absent).

Legislative Text



WHEREAS, to foster economic and employment opportunities and the general welfare of the community, Miami-Dade County wishes to promote the creation and retention of businesses located within the County; and
WHEREAS, to accomplish that objective, the County wishes to sponsor an annual fair with the express purpose of identifying, showcasing and promoting the goods and services which are available from local businesses,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee is directed to >>recommend to this Board within six (6) months from the date of this resolution a revenue-neutral plan to<< celebrate on an annual basis a fair and exposition intended to identify, showcase and promote goods and services available from local businesses and manufacturers.

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