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File Number: 130388 File Type: Discussion Item Status: In Committee
Version: 0 Reference: Control: Public Safety & Animal Services Committee
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Sponsors: Sally A. Heyman, Prime Sponsor
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Legislative History

Acting Body Date Agenda Item Action Sent To Due Date Returned Pass/Fail

Public Safety & Animal Services Committee 4/10/2013 1E1 Presented
REPORT: Assistant County Attorney Gerald Sanchez read the foregoing proposed discussion item into the record. Mr. Alex Munoz, Animal Services Department Director, provided a brief overview of the Animal Services Advisory Board’s (ASAB) proceedings and activities. He noted the ASAB was in the process of preparing reports for two different items in response to resolutions recently adopted by the County Commission. Mr. Munoz stated that one of the reports addressed the resolution sponsored by Commissioner Diaz providing for a “No Kill” policy, and the other report addressed the resolution sponsored by Chairwoman Heyman providing for the creation of a Board to oversee new funding for animal services. He noted staff met with members of the Pet Trust organization on these issues and anticipated bringing those reports before the County Commission next month. Mr. Munoz noted the reports would coincide with the timing of the budget and any recommendations would become part of a budget proposal. He stated that the department was reducing its euthanasia and increasing its animal save rate, which he announced was the highest it had ever been. Mr. Munoz noted the department hosted its third animal adoption event at Tropical Park the previous weekend, which he stated was very successful. In response to Chairwoman Heyman’s inquiry as to the status of the proposed animal programs, Mr. Munoz advised that the ASAB would provide a recommendation for different program options focused on increasing the number of lives saved, pets spayed and neutered, and other programs. He noted he believed the only way to accomplish these initiatives would be by budget recommendation and approval for implementation. Chairwoman Heyman noted she wished to make an ongoing request to regionalize the department’s outreach activities, which she stated had been successful over the past few years. Mr. Munoz noted that was currently being done and those efforts would continue going forward.

Legislative Text

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