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Dear Friends of District 8,

Thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter. This month, I am excited to announce the roll-out of a new website called "Daniella Delivers". As you read through the newsletter, click the links to visit the website. Check out the new site regularly for news, events and resources. I hope it will help you continue to keep up with what's happening in District 8.

I am proud to announce the passage of several important pieces of legislation that tackle government accountability, poverty and other key issues. Keep reading to find out what legislation is coming up in November and as always, remember to tune into the Board of County Commission meetings via livestream. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates and reminders.

For many months, we have heard from countless residents about the urgent need for new and more buses on the South Dade Busway. The new buses are here and we are excited for our big ribbon cutting on November 20th!

November will mark my first year in office and to celebrate, Team 8 will launch an eight day service initiative. I hope you will be able to join us as we celebrate our beautiful South Dade.

I am always eager to hear your suggestions on how we can continue enhancing our community. Please email us at district8@miamidade.gov, call us at 305-375-5218/305-378-6677 or chat with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Yours in continued service,


Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava
October 2015
Daniella Delivers

Legislative Wins

There were several legislative victories this month. Here are some highlights from the October BCC meetings.

District 8 Small Business Academy Continues

Earlier this month, we launched the District 8 Small Business Academy. The idea for the Academy came from the regional priorities expressed at the South Dade Solutions Summit and we are happy to report that it is underway. Dozens of businesses from across South Dade have been attending the workshops. We can't wait to award certificates of completion to the organizations that complete the program.  For more information on the Small Business Academy, please contact Rahel at 305-378-6677.


Participants listen to a lecturer at the District 8 Small Biz Academy



Get Ready for New Buses on the South Dade Busway

District 8 is proud to announce the arrival of brand new buses to the South Dade Busway!

What's Coming Up

Board of County Commission Meetings

Here's what's coming up at the Board of County Commission meetings in November:

  • A resolution that improves city circulator access to the South Dade Busway
  • New policies to make electric car charging stations available in strategic locations throughout the county
  • A resolution developing programs that protect agricultural and natural lands by transferring development out of critical areas using market forces

Tell us what you think! Email us your feedback at district8@miamidade.gov or call 305-375-5218/305-378-6677. We also love Facebook and Twitter!

Get Involved in the County's Master Plan

The yearly Comprehensive Development Master Plan meeting is coming up. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Live Like Bella Park Movie Night

Join us at Live Like Bella Park for a District 8 movie night.

Celebrating One Year in Office

Team 8 will mark its first year in office this November and to celebrate, we're launching an initiative called "8 Days of Engagement". Focused on service in South Dade, 8 Days of Engagement will reflect on Team 8's first year with an array of community events detailed below. We hope you will join us in giving tribute to South Dade's rich history and culture. If you're interested in attending any of these events, please contact 305-375-5218. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and keep an eye out for our Year 1 Report, coming soon.

November 19th: District 8 Canvass in The Crossings

November 20th: District 8 Movie Night at Live Like Bella Park

November 22nd: Bike Ride in Palmetto Bay

Accepting Turkey Donations in District 8

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. District 8 is accepting turkey donations for families in need. Donations can be dropped off at our South Dade office (10710 SW 21tth street). Donated turkeys will be picked up by community service agencies and distributed to those in need, The deadline for donations is November 13th. For more information, please call Maria Levrant at 305-378-667.

Keep Up with District 8

Taking the Minimum Wage Challenge

Unfortunately, many in our community who earn minimum wage find themselves struggling to make ends meet. To raise awareness around this issue, I took the minimum wage challenge.

Marching for Action

On October 14th, thousands of people from across Miami-Dade came together at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center to march for action on climate change. Check out details from the march here.


At the Climate March with Mayor Lerner of Pinecrest and Mayor Stoddard of South Miami

Miami Climate March 2015

GrowFest at the Fruit and Spice Park

If you missed GrowFest 2015, be sure to attend next year! The annual festival focuses on growing and eating local and we had a blast learning more about growing seasonal and local produce. Attendees could participate in workshops on local produce and learn more about the history of agriculture in our community. This year's entry fee benefited the Redland Farm Life Culinary Center Project, a District 8 initiative to turn the former Redland Farmlife School into a commercial kitchen for budding entrepreneurs.

With the Farm Bureau at GrowFest

Fun at GrowFest

Greater Kendall Business Association Expo

The GKBA held its 10th annual business expo on October 15th. Businesses throughout South-West Miami-Dade set-up tables and booths with information and promotions. The Greater Kendall Business Association is a great resource for small businesses to network and forge meaningful relationships within the business community.

District 8 Board Appointees Reunion

Check out our awesome District 8 Board Apointees.


Thank you for your service!

Contact Daniella and Team 8

District 8 Office
South Dade Government Center
10710 SW 211th street, suite 103
Miami, FL 33189
305-378-6677 Phone

Downtown Office
Stephen P. Clark Government Center
111 NW 1 Street, Suite 220
Miami, Florida 33128
305-375-5218 Phone
305-372-6073 Fax

E-mail: district8@miamidade.gov
Web: www.miamidade.gov/district08

Facebook: CommissionerCava   Twitter: @dlcava    IG: @dlcava

What's Happening?

Support Girls in STEM

On November 5th, GeekiGirl will host GeekiWood, a series of workshops for middle school girls interested in science, math and the arts. Buy your tickets here and be sure to look into sponsoring a girl.

Celebrate Robert is Here Becoming a Literary Star

Robert Moehling, of the famous Robert is Here, has written a book called Robert is Here: Looking East for a Lifetime. Join Robert for a book signing on November 4th from 6-8 p.m. at the Courtyard Miami Homestead (2905 NE 9th street).

Yummy Seafood at the Fruit and Spice Park

A fall tradition in South Dade!

Ludlam Trail Inaugural Ride

Be a part of the first official Ludlam Trail Bike Ride on November 7th. Check out more details on the Facebook event page.

Seal and Expunge Program

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle hosts a seal and expunge program at the Phicol Williams Community Center (951 SW 4th street) on November 5th from 4-7 p.m. For more information, visit the State Attorney's website and don't forget to bring your I.D.


Delivering Excellence Every Day