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Action Plan Workshops

Action Plan Workshops brought together local policy experts and County leaders to discuss community priorities from Civic Week and to craft bold actionable solutions.

In early May 2021, the Mayor’s Division of Innovation and Performance facilitated a series of issue-specific Action Plan Workshops that invited participants to work in small groups to define and prioritize ideas for the Action Plan based on the survey data and Civic Week.

Participants included: 

  • Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
  • County department directors, other senior government officials, and budget analysts
  • Civic leaders with deep connections to issues and impacted communities
  • Subject matter experts, including academics and practitioners
200+ civic partners including...
Hundreds of ideas generated...
By design, the workshops were facilitated with care to identify areas of consensus between participants. Facilitation of small group discussions focused potential solutions and actions, and asked:
  • What is one thing that the County can do right now to make progress on this issue?
  • How does this action impact lives? What metrics can we track to know it's working?
  • What is possible if the County works in collaboration with partners on this action?
The workshops invited participants to consider how potential actions can be implemented through community partnerships. This process advanced the larger aim of empowering a network of cross-sector organizations in Miami-Dade that have new ways to collaborate with each other and with County government on the implementation of effective and equitable policy solutions and public services.