9.1 Promote corporate social responsibility practices that bolster our local workforce

Issue Statement and Context

Miami-Dade is experiencing growing interest from companies that are seeking to relocate to our growing metropolitan area. We have long been attractive to businesses because of low taxes, good weather, an attractive real estate market, and high quality of life.

But more recently, corporate migration to Miami has gained steam as finance and technology firms seek a foothold here, recognizing our region’s diversity, commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation, and increasing ability to prepare local talent and attract skilled talent from around the globe.

The rise in remote work has given skilled workers the freedom to choose where they want to live, and Miami in particular is becoming a top destination for these workers. An analysis by LinkedIn of where tech workers are moving this year shows that Miami’s technical workforce was up 3% in 2020. With our "talent pipeline" expected to grow, we are now aiming to compete with peer tech regions like Silicon Valley, Austin, and Atlanta.
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NY Times story on reasons to move to Miami

Detailed Action Summary

  • Work with the Beacon Council to follow up with companies that made social equity commitments as part of their relocation packages to assess level of follow-through and impact of those commitments
  • Create additional relocation incentives for incoming businesses that commit to achieving benchmarks for equitable jobs and community investment. Work to create tailored incentive packages for socially responsible businesses that layer existing programs, such as Opportunity Zones, and the Community Contribution Tax Credit program
  • Ensure there is a countywide approach to this action by coordinating investments in all 13 Commission Districts
  • Implement new economic development tools and industry attraction strategies that center job creation and innovation in climate resilience, including energy sustainability, green infrastructure, and “blue tech” (water systems)
  • Serve as a leader within the South Florida Anchor Alliance
  • Provide easy access Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities for new Miami-Dade County businesses to learn how to be introduced and fully engage in the community