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Thrive305 Ambassadors

Thrive305 put County employees at the center of transforming how the County engages communities

In March 2021, the Thrive305 team identified and trained a cohort of over 250 County employees from across departments to actively participate in the initiative as Thrive305 Ambassadors. Nearly all County departments nominated employees to serve as Ambassadors, ranging from frontline workers to management and leadership level staff. These volunteers reflect the diversity of Miami-Dade County in terms of language, race/ethnicity, and gender.
250 County employees trained as Thrive305 Ambassadors.
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The primary role of Ambassadors was to facilitate, note-take, and actively listen in resident town hall discussions during Civic Week. Having Ambassadors play a leading role in these conversations aligned with the Thrive305 commitment to engage residents in ways that chip away at the distance between residents and their government. Ambassadors asked residents discussion questions, documented their answers, and listened to their constituents.

Through Thrive305 process:
  • County employees had the chance to better connect with their constituents about the issues that they care about, which reaffirmed the importance of their day-to-day work as public servants.
  • Residents were able to put a face to their County government, giving them a better understanding of the diversity, expertise, talent, passion, and commitment of their government employees.
  • Ambassadors were able to use the resident engagement training they received through the Thrive305 process to improve the way their department engages residents.
Thrive305 Ambassadors also used the digital platform created for this initiative to submit ideas to the administration that County government could use to help residents of Miami-Dade thrive. Furthermore, Ambassadors promoted the “ideas board” to their coworker for further comment. Ultimately, dozens of staff shared ideas, including bold actions that: 1) the Mayor may pursue to improve the lives of all Miami-Dade residents, and 2) other actions that their own departments could take to improve customer satisfaction, employee development, and the efficiency of their department’s budget, and other internal processes.